Saturday, January 8, 2011

Tip to Stay Motivated

A year goes by so quickly. Right now, millions of people are geared up and hot on their new exercise plans. Soon about 90% will abandon what they started. They will let things take over and use up the time, or they will find excuses that no one can refute, like how they feel. Most people do not want to keep their commitments. It's a big problem. Decide right now what you are committed to, and follow through.

Use your calendar to set some goals. Write them down for every month and be sure to remind yourself. Work with someone if you can to keep you motivated and moving forward until you have created great habits on your own.

One game you can play to stay motivated is set up plans for yourself for all 12 months of the year. You could give yourself little monthly rewards and if you get all 12 then give yourself a big reward. Set up a game that is fun for you and something you can do. For example if you hardly have any time to yourself currently, why say that you have to take a certain class at the gym 3 X week when very likely it will not work? Just commit to doing some sort of exercise 5-6 days /week even if you only get in a 20 min. walk. Then you can win the game. Don't join the crowd that is always in problem and then complains about it. Stay in the solution.

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