Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Quote of the Day - Be Willing...

“Change is the essence of life.Be willing to surrender what you are for what you could become."
My teacher said this all the time when I studied with her. She had many quotes that she continuously used to inspire and teach from. I learned a lot from her as well as many other teachers, but this one idea of risking who you believe yourself to be for who you could be, is powerful.

Where do you stop yourself from what you would like? The old familiar patterns feel safe and alright. I've seen people go to great lengths to fight for their overweight, their cancer, their wrong mate or any number of things that make them unhappy. Some people believe they are risking because they go from teacher to teacher and hope that they will find the one magical person who can change them for them. It really isn't going to stick that way. You get to change you.

You get to practice something new to be who you want to be. Sometimes it takes me years to finally make a leap and sometimes I can adopt things quickly. Food is an example of something you can change quickly. You can give up the old and adopt the new. Try having some freshly cooked whole grain in the morning (be sure to try the Ceylon cinnamon - see yesterday's post...) instead of hard dry cereal or toast. Try one new ingredient each week. A vegetable you never tried before or maybe adding a new spice to an old favorite.

The more times I've moved this year, the easier it gets. I've built some moving muscles so things that used to be difficult or upset me, don't even pull my attention anymore. I'm also becoming more facile in my thinking of what is possible. That is the biggie. While we may know that all things are possible in theory, few really begin to take on the magic of stepping into possibility.

Who do you want to be? Begin today!

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