Friday, January 21, 2011

Organized to Energized - Little Efforts Do Add Up

Organ-ized - Okay so I'm stretching a little when I say that organization can make you healthier - but really, neat and tidy is less stressful than a mess or having things that do not work or make you happy.

Studies have shown that being happy absolutely elevates ones health and immunity. We produce more of the chemicals that not just life the mood but keep our organs strong and functioning at a higher level.

I just moved into such a tiny flat that I'm fairly amazed at how comfortable I made it. The trick was some organization. Today I went to the Container Store to find a trash can for the closet sized bath room. With so little space I wanted to find something that would fit into the 7 inches between the "tub" and the sink. Voila! The Container Store came through with flying colors. I had options. I purchased a slender recycled Eco Cocoon trash can that even leaves room to spare but now I have a place to toss a tissue without having to step out into the main room.

That is one less toleration that was on my list. For those of you who have coached with me, remember the toleration list? Those buggers that can rob you of energy, drain your health and even contribute to stuck weight on the body. Clear that list now and take back your energy for things that are more fun!

Now I'm off to find some kombu for cooking and take a walk along the Hudson river on my way back.

Stay healthy, happy and free to eat....

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