Monday, January 24, 2011

Cinnamon's Big Benefits

Yesterday I took a long walk by the Hudson river. I love exploring each new area I move to. Currently I'm living directly across the street from a yoga center that has a health food shop and I stopped in on my way "home" to pick up a couple of things. I love quinoa with pink lady apples and cinnamon so I purchased some cinnamon from the bulk section. The jar was labeled Ceylon cinnamon and had no other information on it. It smelled divine and I bought some and took it home. This morning my cereal was better than ever with a giant pinch of this spice in there, I was worried it might turn bitter. Instead it was sweet and flavorful and the best bowl of quinoa I think I've ever had.

That got me to looking up Ceylon cinnamon and cinnamon in general. Ceylon is the better of the two most commonly sold and is sweeter in flavor. I learned that cinnamon can lower inflammation by lowering the release of arachidonic acid from cells. It also stimulates the brain for better memory and learning. Turmeric is the one I usually think of with these properties so perhaps when studying for a big exam I should pull out my Moroccan recipes and combine the two.

Cinnamon is well reported to help lower blood sugar and has been studied to relieve type 2 diabetes. There are reports it can curb a cold and help with stubborn yeast problems as well as aid digestion and prevent blood clotting or even lower the bad type of cholesterol. With so many wonderful benefits I am tempted to be eating cinnamon daily. It is warming and since this winter in NY is the coldest I've experienced in more than half my life, I think I will be going back across the street for more very soon.

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