Sunday, January 2, 2011

Are You Ready for Some Transformation? Get Inspiration!

What pages are you about to turn? What would you like for 2011? Oh and by the way - You can still get 25% off your book order at by using the code WINTER305. That lasts only until Wednesday so order now for some terrific savings. Get the Calendar Success Journal and start creating your ideal year. Order some cookbooks for fast and easy healthy ideas!

Books are a wonderful way to get a little inspiration. Your life is made up of many many habits that you have acquired and do over and over again. Habits of thoughts, habits of going to certain places, taking certain actions, habits of eating, personal grooming habits, etc. To change a habit you need to replace it and keep taking the new actions, thoughts and behaviors until they stick. Continually getting yourself inspired from what ever sources you have available to you.

I gravitate towards people, books, TV shows, etc. that inspire me. Inspiration feels good. It is literally being inside of spirit. An energy that is uplifting and guides you to things that are good.
My clients tell me I'm very inspiring and I appreciate that. I want to guide them to have lives they love living. Feeling great inside of your body is a good way to live. When your chemistry is working for you, then it is much easier to have a clear and happy mind.

Take some action today to transform your life to be even better. Grab some inspiration - a book, a coaching session, whatever you need to support yourself. When you take steps, great rewards will come.

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