Friday, January 28, 2011

Super Fast Satisfaction for Hearty Appetites - Recipe Included

If you thought hearty and satisfying dinners need to take a long time - think again!!

Mochi is a fun food from Japan. You can easily find some brown rice mochi in your health food store. Whole Foods usually has it near the tofu but look for it in a refrigerated case. There are a variety of ways to enjoy this high energy food. Mochi waffles, melts, grilled, fried, baked, are all delicious. Grate a little into a soup, puff up in the oven for breakfast or a snack. It's a clean, easy treat for kids and adults alike.

This is recipe I came up with one night for a man I was dating. We didn't have much time and he wanted something satisfying. I liked it so much I quickly wrote it down and have used it since then. Of course you can switch up all of the ingredients and create your own mochi melt ideas. Use tofu or seitan instead of lamb for a vegan dish or use what ever vegetables you have on hand. This was full of healthy umph for my friend and is quite a quick dish to put together and clean up. (Only one pan.) Let me know what you come up with! Enjoy.

Mochi Melt with Lamb

Make as much or as little as you like.

Plain mochi, cut into small squares about ½”

Lamb, cut into chunks with all bones removed

Carrots, chopped

Onion, chopped

Burdock, chopped

Chinese cabbage, chopped

Olive oil


Shoyu (good quality soy sauce)

Simply place a small amount of oil in the bottom of a pan over medium heat. Add the vegetables and sauté for several minutes. Add the Rosemary and water to half way cover the vegetables. Sprinkle with Shoyu. Add the lamp chunks, and the mochi. Place a lid on your pan and bring to a boil. Turn the heat down to low and simmer for ten minutes or until the lamb chunks are cooked and the mochi is melted. Take the lid off the pan and boil away any remaining liquid.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Taming the Temper Tantrum - A Binge Eater's guide

Have you ever found yourself in front of the freezer with a pint of your favorite frozen treat thinking you would just have a couple of bites, then you wake from a trance like state to find you ate almost the whole container?

Have you ever found yourself on an eating rampage that feels out of control? Too many cookies or donuts later, you feel horrible both physically and mentally?

The thing that most adult binge eaters don't realize is that 1. They probably are having physical responses with food that are not helping any, such as low blood sugar. 2. We all have all ages we have ever been inside of us.

Since I address the physical issues all the time and a quick session on how food works can give you everything you need to zap that forever, let's look at number 2 and see how that relates to binge eating.

Binges are like temper tantrums. Just because you are not five anymore doesn't mean you wouldn't like to shout and scream and get your way and not do what you don't want to. Some soothe themselves with food while others get a nice dopamine boost from sexual exploits or shopping addictions or travel, or narcotics themselves. Food can certainly be a drug.

I ask clients with kids if they would allow their children to eat a whole packet of cookies or a dozen donuts at a time? How about a liter of soda or a pan of brownies? I've never had anyone say "Oh sure." Responsible parents teach their kids to have some healthier foods and treats are a small part of the diet. Yet these same adults were often waiting to grow up so they could have all they wanted. It's like they allow their inner 5 year old to run amok.

To tame a temper tantrum, you get to start saying no to yourself. You get to scoop one scoop out into a bowl or put the square of brownie on a plate and enjoy it like a 3 year old instead of wolfing down as much as you can as fast as you can as if you are in a pie eating contest. You don't win anything except feeling poorly and weight gain.

Watch how you might be planning a binge and plan something else instead. Start using your own parenting skills on yourself and also give yourself some positive feedback for doing so well. Maybe you didn't get that part as a kid but you probably do it for your own kids. You tell them when they do a good job, you hug them or praise them in a way they feel good. Often binge eaters are looking for a way out of pain and wanting to have some fun and feel good about themselves. Binging only makes them feel terrible instead, which in turn drives them to want to binge.

Choose your foods wisely and start acknowledging those ages that are rearing up in you. You may want to work with someone to get peace with those parts of you that are trying to get your attention. Maybe something happened at that age you never fully dealt with. You can now. Stop the binges and start feeling great inside and out!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What's Your Plan?

We all have a plan. Some plan to not plan and that too is a plan. A problem with a no plan plan is that you can get stuck. I remember one client who was a binge eater. She didn't plan her meals well enough so that led her to plan her binges instead. When hungry she might sneak off to covet a dozen donuts, a packet of cookies or something of size and offense to her system that she then felt sick. Physically and emotionally.

Once I taught this woman how to plan some meals that could curb her cravings and balance prevailed, she stopped binging completely. A lot of binging behavior is based in your body chemistry and not a lack of willpower.

There was a man named Bob (not his real name.) who didn't want to think about meals until he was at the table or absolutely starving. He was a busy executive who ate out two out of three meals each day. Usually his breakfast was a bar or shake and that made him feel he was being healthy. What Bob didn't like was his size. He had been steadily gaining weight until he felt like walking whale. I think he called me out of fear when his breathing started to be labored up stairs or just walking.

Bob liked sports and I pointed out that his game plan was creating his weight gain so he might want to adopt a new one. He instantly got the picture and listened to how to foods work in the body. He didn't need to starve or eat a salad. (He hated salad.) He just needed to make better choices in both where he ate and what her ordered. We also switched those bars and shakes to whole grains and a little fruit. He told me he lost something like 40 lbs in 3 months. I don't know if he was exaggerating a tad but I'm happy he is happy and has a better way to live his life.

What's your plan?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Quote of the Day - Be Willing...

“Change is the essence of life.Be willing to surrender what you are for what you could become."
My teacher said this all the time when I studied with her. She had many quotes that she continuously used to inspire and teach from. I learned a lot from her as well as many other teachers, but this one idea of risking who you believe yourself to be for who you could be, is powerful.

Where do you stop yourself from what you would like? The old familiar patterns feel safe and alright. I've seen people go to great lengths to fight for their overweight, their cancer, their wrong mate or any number of things that make them unhappy. Some people believe they are risking because they go from teacher to teacher and hope that they will find the one magical person who can change them for them. It really isn't going to stick that way. You get to change you.

You get to practice something new to be who you want to be. Sometimes it takes me years to finally make a leap and sometimes I can adopt things quickly. Food is an example of something you can change quickly. You can give up the old and adopt the new. Try having some freshly cooked whole grain in the morning (be sure to try the Ceylon cinnamon - see yesterday's post...) instead of hard dry cereal or toast. Try one new ingredient each week. A vegetable you never tried before or maybe adding a new spice to an old favorite.

The more times I've moved this year, the easier it gets. I've built some moving muscles so things that used to be difficult or upset me, don't even pull my attention anymore. I'm also becoming more facile in my thinking of what is possible. That is the biggie. While we may know that all things are possible in theory, few really begin to take on the magic of stepping into possibility.

Who do you want to be? Begin today!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Cinnamon's Big Benefits

Yesterday I took a long walk by the Hudson river. I love exploring each new area I move to. Currently I'm living directly across the street from a yoga center that has a health food shop and I stopped in on my way "home" to pick up a couple of things. I love quinoa with pink lady apples and cinnamon so I purchased some cinnamon from the bulk section. The jar was labeled Ceylon cinnamon and had no other information on it. It smelled divine and I bought some and took it home. This morning my cereal was better than ever with a giant pinch of this spice in there, I was worried it might turn bitter. Instead it was sweet and flavorful and the best bowl of quinoa I think I've ever had.

That got me to looking up Ceylon cinnamon and cinnamon in general. Ceylon is the better of the two most commonly sold and is sweeter in flavor. I learned that cinnamon can lower inflammation by lowering the release of arachidonic acid from cells. It also stimulates the brain for better memory and learning. Turmeric is the one I usually think of with these properties so perhaps when studying for a big exam I should pull out my Moroccan recipes and combine the two.

Cinnamon is well reported to help lower blood sugar and has been studied to relieve type 2 diabetes. There are reports it can curb a cold and help with stubborn yeast problems as well as aid digestion and prevent blood clotting or even lower the bad type of cholesterol. With so many wonderful benefits I am tempted to be eating cinnamon daily. It is warming and since this winter in NY is the coldest I've experienced in more than half my life, I think I will be going back across the street for more very soon.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

For the love of Cookies

I was enjoying an afternoon with my new friend Emilie. She accompanied me on a quick trip to Ikea to return an item. Ikea is unfortunately never that quick so we waited in the return line where the smell of cinnamon buns were calling her. Emilie is from Canada and a vegetarian. She has not made any distinctions yet about food other than she just feels the mistreatment of animals for our food supply is so wrong that she is casting her vote for the animals by not eating any.

Emilie has hearty Canadian genes that enable her to eat anything she pleases with few visible consequences. I, on the other hand, will have symptoms quite quickly. One little cookie could give me blisters or other skin eruptions that first are painful and then hideously ugly and can take weeks to heal. Not worth the few minutes of pleasure but oh how I do love sweets.

Cookies are just about the most difficult thing to buy already made. I have no problem baking terrific cookies like shortbread's, lace cookies, ginger snaps, chocolate chips etc. using the absolute best ingredients (search my blog for some recipes) but sometimes it would be so nice to just buy something in a store.

There used to be a brand named frukies that were terrific and fruit juice sweetened. Heaven Sent used to use rice syrup for a sweetener and Barbara's had honey grahams that were made with honey instead of molasses or other forms of sugar cane. They all folded and started using cane sugar. It's cheap.

What's so horrible about sugar cane? The cane itself is not so bad. Try chewing on it straight from the ground. It is mildly sweet and full of tough fiber. When it gets juiced and then the liquid is evaporated out to make sugar, what is left is concentrated sweetener that wrecks the human body. Forget dental cavities, one little teaspoon of white, brown, organic or not, the juice or crystals from sugar cane is equal to about 3 feet of sugar cane. It's a powerful drug that debilitates the immune system for up to six hours. (flu season anyone...)

There do not seem to be very many people out there making products with other natural sweeteners that do not cause so many problems. Nana's cookies and Michelle's bakery are the only two I've seen that didn't switch over. I'm sure there are others out there besides smaller bakeries that might have one options in their case.

I do bake cookies and freeze either dough or cookies to use later but it would be so nice to have some other options as well. Emilie and I soothed our sweet cravings sans cookies with a fruit kanten and tofu maple whip at a local restaurant. She was surprised at how sweet simply cooked fruit could be. Still it would have gone so well with a crispy cookie.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Organized to Energized - Little Efforts Do Add Up

Organ-ized - Okay so I'm stretching a little when I say that organization can make you healthier - but really, neat and tidy is less stressful than a mess or having things that do not work or make you happy.

Studies have shown that being happy absolutely elevates ones health and immunity. We produce more of the chemicals that not just life the mood but keep our organs strong and functioning at a higher level.

I just moved into such a tiny flat that I'm fairly amazed at how comfortable I made it. The trick was some organization. Today I went to the Container Store to find a trash can for the closet sized bath room. With so little space I wanted to find something that would fit into the 7 inches between the "tub" and the sink. Voila! The Container Store came through with flying colors. I had options. I purchased a slender recycled Eco Cocoon trash can that even leaves room to spare but now I have a place to toss a tissue without having to step out into the main room.

That is one less toleration that was on my list. For those of you who have coached with me, remember the toleration list? Those buggers that can rob you of energy, drain your health and even contribute to stuck weight on the body. Clear that list now and take back your energy for things that are more fun!

Now I'm off to find some kombu for cooking and take a walk along the Hudson river on my way back.

Stay healthy, happy and free to eat....

Is Hulled Whole?

I got this question today from another post on the blog and thought I would just re-post here so everyone can benefit from this great question:

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Could you clear up the confusion between hulled/unhulled grains? For instance, are buckwheat groats considered a whole grain? What about hulled millet?

January 20, 2011 8:42 PM

Blogger Susan Marque said...

Most whole grains are seeds like brown rice that have a hard outside hull that holds the seed. That part is removed so we can enjoy the seed much like cracking the hard white shell on a pumpkin seed to eat the green inner "fruit". We consider that inner part whole when it has all of its layers intact. A grain of brown rice has three distinct layers. The bran, the germ and the starch. The inner starch is white rice and contains barley any of the nutrients that you will get from the germ and the bran. Eating the whole seed is superior to the parts.

Some hulled grains are really seeds that only have one layer such as Jobs tears barley as opposed to pearled barley which is more like the white rice described above. I believe buckwheat groats are just hulled buckwheat and are gluten free, high in lysine and take longer to digest so you feel full longer from eating them. I would say skip the buckwheat those if you have skin sensitivity for they can sometimes make skin conditions worse.

January 21, 2011 7:07 AM

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Lose Weight Overnight

I've been in Naples Florida this week visiting my parents. It was a whirlwind of moving to a tiny apartment in Manhattan, getting the Ikea furnishings I bought put together and then having a snow storm that canceled my flight twice and had me finally leave out of a different airport far too early in the morning to get here. What in the world could this all possibly do with weight loss? Stress.

We know stress isn't our friend and while it can temporarily make some slimmer, it can also make others puffy, overly acidic and tired. I was exhausted. I also was having some yeast issues flare up again. I've had enough experience with yeast to know that that was what it was.

You know I would always take the most natural cures first, but often they take a little more time and perserverence and that can cost more too. I went to the doctor and said, "What have you got for yeast?" He only gave me two little tiny pills to try. Immediately I had a flat belly again and it seemed like I dropped 5 pounds overnight. I flew to Florida feeling a good skinny, as my tightest pants were loose on me.

If you have been with me for any length of time you know that yeast is a major problem in the West. Most people are trying to fight fat by eating less and exercising and never addressing the simple parasites hiding out in their gut. I do take probiotics daily and recommend you do too. It's a good practice to add in good bacteria to maintain a healthy balance. I had had just too much stress for that to do a good job and things got off. It happens. The cleaner you eat the stronger you defenses are too. Remember it was just the holidays and I have had some pretty fun foods for the last month that just created a breeding ground for a little yeast overgrowth.

If you feel like you can't lose weight or have been feeling foggy, tired, puffy or perhaps your digestion has been off - try clearing some yeast and see the difference.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Tip to Stay Motivated

A year goes by so quickly. Right now, millions of people are geared up and hot on their new exercise plans. Soon about 90% will abandon what they started. They will let things take over and use up the time, or they will find excuses that no one can refute, like how they feel. Most people do not want to keep their commitments. It's a big problem. Decide right now what you are committed to, and follow through.

Use your calendar to set some goals. Write them down for every month and be sure to remind yourself. Work with someone if you can to keep you motivated and moving forward until you have created great habits on your own.

One game you can play to stay motivated is set up plans for yourself for all 12 months of the year. You could give yourself little monthly rewards and if you get all 12 then give yourself a big reward. Set up a game that is fun for you and something you can do. For example if you hardly have any time to yourself currently, why say that you have to take a certain class at the gym 3 X week when very likely it will not work? Just commit to doing some sort of exercise 5-6 days /week even if you only get in a 20 min. walk. Then you can win the game. Don't join the crowd that is always in problem and then complains about it. Stay in the solution.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Toss Out the Scale - Here's Why...

My four months of living at the 92nd street Y gave me many wonderful days using their sports center. I've seen people weigh themselves at the gym. They weigh themselves in the locker rooms and apparently many are still weighing themselves at home. Scale sales remain steady.

If the scale really helped with weight loss than wouldn't folks be slimmer?

I learned long ago to stop looking at the number on the scale. First because the numbers themselves can make you crazy. Say you weigh 123 pounds and then you get on the scale and it says 127 or even 130. The higher number could be shocking. Sure you knew your jeans were tighter but really 7 pounds?? Then you decide to lose weight and you go into restriction mode. You skip the desserts, cut down on portions and get exercising. The next time you weigh yourself the scale says 128. All of this effort and you've only lost two pounds. You might continue, you might restrict more or you might even binge in the frustration of this game. Some of you could even be looking at that original 123 and be saying "yeah right, I wish that was me." Guess what, this is all a game that no one can win. Most people go back to old habits or binge and keep binging and start eating more than what got their weight going up in the first place....

For others that number is never low enough. At first they will lose weight and then if it goes back up it all becomes a cycle of beating themselves up mentally because again the numbers are never good. Very few people look at the scale and say Hooray hooray I am exactly the pounds I want to be and I'm so happy. In fact, I've NEVER heard anyone say that.

The second reason to stop looking at the scale is, they lie. I don't care if your scale is precision made in Switzerland, it can't give you the real picture. Look at a pound of feathers and a pound of lard. They both weigh the exact same amount and yet the feathers take up so much more space. There is puffy weight and there is compact weight. Instead of watching the pounds go up and down, just see how you feel in your clothes or how you feel about your size.

Get a new relationship with your diet and your body and say goodbye to the scale all together. For a little coaching to get your new relationship in shape - sign up for a session at

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Join me in stepping things up! Frustration to Freedom

I just had a frustrating experience where I have to say I sacrificed myself to be "nice". How many times have I done this before - oh thousands, I'm sure. The girl I am subletting an apartment from keeps over promising and under delivering and I have been so "nice" going along with her. It's an incredibly over complicated situation simply because she wants to be accommodating and get what she wants at the same time and she keeps leaving out information or not following through on what she has said completely. So what is the lesson? To learn to be more direct and strong.

Direct and strong can be fun, playful and simply clear. This is such a big element that so many of us miss at times, and it can undermine your progress in any area of your life. When you are clear then nothing will blow you over or have you eating too much or the wrong things. When you are clear, direct and strong you will get more of what you want than when you are wishy washy. Wishy washy will keep you in hope and fear. This is uncomfortable and currently where I am sitting with this situation. The unpleasantness has me looking at it more closely so I can grow myself into being who I want to be. If I am clear and strong in my relationships than those around me can simply enjoy what I have to offer and everything will be more fun. There is more energy in clarity. The same goes for business, school, your body, your home, your health, everything.

Getting clear about what you want sometimes takes these situations that you don't want to get very specific about what you do want. Take advantage of those but don't wait. Begin now getting clear and stepping into being who want to be. If you want to be more slender get clear about what that looks like, what you want it for, and what you are willing to do to have it. The strong part is the commitment.

Getting clear is also getting committed to being who you want to be and not who you have been that doesn't work for your anymore. If you have not been exercising but have gotten clear that you want to be someone who exercises, when the resistance hits, you go exercise anyway. You keep your word. Keeping your word to yourself and those around you no matter how inconvenient that might seem. Sure it would be easier to sleep in rather than get to the Pilate's class you enjoyed. Sure it might seem like a better idea for you to wait, do things at another time. No. If you said it, stick to it and if that is really impossible than renegotiate and be very clear in how you do that.

No wishy washy, skipping the issue, being vague or in anyway unclear. That stuff will bite you in the ass. It's biting me right now as the girl who said she would have her furnishings out last night and was renting movers, decided (without telling me) that she was going to wait and see if she could sell the things before moving them out. Maybe she was hoping on second glace I would change my mind and want them? Who knows. Her vagueness is frustrating me because I can't make plans. I can't go shopping and get set up and plan the move in. My mistake was being "nice" and not telling her very clearly and directly (and nicely) to stick to her word. Then I get angry behind her back just as she keeps changing he tune without telling me. It sets up a very bad cycle. This is exactly the same thing so many people do to themselves. Then they eat over it, or get angry at someone else or do something to get back at the person who started it. Instead bring back the clarity and tell the truth. For those of you who have read countless pieces on the benefits of forgiveness. The forgiveness will come when that truth is exposed. Clarity fosters forgiveness.

There is always a next level to reach in our lives. We are never perfect or done. The trick is to learn to be happy at each stage and use the angry, frustrating moments to learn from and propel you into an even better place. I invite you to join me in this game right now. It feels great to be clear and feel the energy of it. Magic and miracles then have a place to ride in.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Are You Ready for Some Transformation? Get Inspiration!

What pages are you about to turn? What would you like for 2011? Oh and by the way - You can still get 25% off your book order at by using the code WINTER305. That lasts only until Wednesday so order now for some terrific savings. Get the Calendar Success Journal and start creating your ideal year. Order some cookbooks for fast and easy healthy ideas!

Books are a wonderful way to get a little inspiration. Your life is made up of many many habits that you have acquired and do over and over again. Habits of thoughts, habits of going to certain places, taking certain actions, habits of eating, personal grooming habits, etc. To change a habit you need to replace it and keep taking the new actions, thoughts and behaviors until they stick. Continually getting yourself inspired from what ever sources you have available to you.

I gravitate towards people, books, TV shows, etc. that inspire me. Inspiration feels good. It is literally being inside of spirit. An energy that is uplifting and guides you to things that are good.
My clients tell me I'm very inspiring and I appreciate that. I want to guide them to have lives they love living. Feeling great inside of your body is a good way to live. When your chemistry is working for you, then it is much easier to have a clear and happy mind.

Take some action today to transform your life to be even better. Grab some inspiration - a book, a coaching session, whatever you need to support yourself. When you take steps, great rewards will come.