Tuesday, December 21, 2010

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Enjoy delicious healthy recipes all year long. I am going to make some Christmas lace cookies myself. The women of Step Up dubbed them the break-up cookies since eating the whole batch would probably be less caloric wise than a couple of Oreo cookies. Plus they are festive, fun and delicious.

Looking at the preview index of the Stories, Tips, and Recipes book my mouth is watering for some popovers, Mom's kind of sole and some fun betwixed bars that would also be perfect for Christmas. Oooh so would making the ever easy tofu cheese I just noticed in volume two. I love spreading that into celery as part of an appetizer try or just eating while watching a movie. After all of the festivities I am sure to make a simple soup and perhaps a grilled sandwich like the one I have a video of on

Enjoy the 15% off today and enjoy the wonderful creations you come up with. Let me know your favorites.

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