Saturday, December 4, 2010

Little things make a difference - How you can start having more success right now!

Little things make a difference. I'm currently living in a dormitory where I just watched a young woman cook herself pancakes from a mix. It took a lot of restraint not to say something as I watched her flip the flapjacks back and forth and press them down with her spatula. "Wait, stop, that will make them tough." I wanted to say. Just let them brown on one side, flip and then brown on the other.

I often see students in my classes also make their baked goods tough or dry from adding more flour than the recipe calls for by tamping, shaking, and scooping flour straight from the bag. Or over-mixing which really causes the dough to rather die because we are working without yeast. Yeasted breads are kneaded and then rest letting the enzymes in the yeast to go to work and cause rising.

On Thursday night I was having the most wonderful conversation with a man who was drinking a drink make from vodka and lime and I'm not sure if there was anything else in the drink. I mentioned to him how the lime is alkalizing and helps to mitigate the acidic effects of the alcohol. He told me that he always felt better from this particular cocktail rather than others.

It is the little choices we choose to do in each moment that are the building blocks for the results we have. You can not continually say "Fuck it" and make choices you know are not good for you without having some sort of consequence. What is it that you would really really like for yourself? If you want to be thinner or healthier are you willing to eat a little less of some things and more veggies and whole grains? Are you willing to make different choices about food? If you eat all of your meals out, would you be willing to start making a few? Would you be willing to order differently and let go of some pleasurable patterns? Would you risk making relationships more satisfying or taking time for exercise you enjoy instead of looking for food to be the pleasure moments in the day?

Be consistent with your new actions by keeping track and seeing yourself build new life muscles. That is what my success journal/calendar is all about. I've marked down the price 20% to offset the shipping costs and it makes a terrific stocking stuffer for anyone who would like to boost their life to the next level. Take 5 minutes a day to track your progress and you'll stay motivated to making lasting changes.

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