Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Language of Food

I'm munching on some sauteed kale right now, while trying to memorize the imperative forms of avoir and etre for French class. Learning the language of food gave me freedom in the same way that learning a language allows you to express yourself and have greater interactions with others. Food speaks it's language and you can choose to ignore it like the foriegners sitting next to you on the subway, or you can try out a few words and make some new friends. Eat in a way that gives you more energy, less mass, and feeling terrific.

There are rules just like grammar. Don't mix sweets and beans or you will get terrible gas. Do mix salt with oil to create balance. Do eat cooling summer foods in warm weather and warming winter foods in the cooler months. The vocabulary of food would be all of the different grains, beans, vegetables, etc. and then knowing how to string them together to make wonderful meals that suit your needs. The high energy meal, the clarity meal, the relaxation meal, etc.

If you don't learn how the foods work in the body then you'll be guessing and things that you thought "worked for you" might stop working and you won't understand why or you'll keep looking for that magic diet to stick to that can solve all of your problems. I suppose that would equate to looking for that one book to read over and over. But the fun of reading is the adventure of seeing how it works out. I wouldn't want someone to eat a static diet of only a few foods all plain and boring. Learn the language of food and find where it takes you.

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