Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Get What You Want!

What do you really really want? Not the practical stuff like today I am going looking for warm boots that fit because there is a foot of snow outside and I want my feet to be cozy not cold. Not the things someone else tells you should want, like teeth whitening the dentist is pushing because it's one more thing he can charge you for, or the latest fashion trend.

What do you really really want in your heart that will make you feel great about yourself and your life? Have you always wanted to go to Africa or an exclusive resort on a tropical island? Have you struggled with your weight and would like to feel sleek, sexy and slender but not skinny and scrawny? Have you always felt badly that you never got to _____________?

Then what stands in your way? Is it money, time or determination? Those are often the big three. Only it isn't any of those really. Those are what you make up as excuses because you are not committed to having the thing you want yet. I see people over and over use money and time as an excuse. It's convenient. I've used those myself. If you really really want the thing, you'll take an extra job or you'll hire someone to take care of things to have more time, you'll get the support you need when you get committed.

I've seen people wait until they get a death sentence from a doctor to finally let go of putting the obstacles in their way. The money always comes and works out, the time rearranges itself when someone gets committed. Being committed to a dream often takes support. Encouragement from a friend, loved one, coach or hired help all are ways that different people launch themselves into their dreams. One young woman I was coaching came to see me to lose a few pounds so she could become the actress she wanted to be. We worked in part on her food but a lot of it was really me supporting her dream. I believed she could make a nice living as an actress and I knew she could be what ever size she wanted to be and stay there. She just needed to know that and start practicing. She stayed with coaching for longer than she wanted to originally, but she did get what she wanted. I just got a nice Christmas email from her telling me so, and thanking me for being a big part of her success.

What is it that you want? Get specific and start taking actions. Make an action plan for yourself and your life and get support to keep going!!!

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