Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Get What You Want!

What do you really really want? Not the practical stuff like today I am going looking for warm boots that fit because there is a foot of snow outside and I want my feet to be cozy not cold. Not the things someone else tells you should want, like teeth whitening the dentist is pushing because it's one more thing he can charge you for, or the latest fashion trend.

What do you really really want in your heart that will make you feel great about yourself and your life? Have you always wanted to go to Africa or an exclusive resort on a tropical island? Have you struggled with your weight and would like to feel sleek, sexy and slender but not skinny and scrawny? Have you always felt badly that you never got to _____________?

Then what stands in your way? Is it money, time or determination? Those are often the big three. Only it isn't any of those really. Those are what you make up as excuses because you are not committed to having the thing you want yet. I see people over and over use money and time as an excuse. It's convenient. I've used those myself. If you really really want the thing, you'll take an extra job or you'll hire someone to take care of things to have more time, you'll get the support you need when you get committed.

I've seen people wait until they get a death sentence from a doctor to finally let go of putting the obstacles in their way. The money always comes and works out, the time rearranges itself when someone gets committed. Being committed to a dream often takes support. Encouragement from a friend, loved one, coach or hired help all are ways that different people launch themselves into their dreams. One young woman I was coaching came to see me to lose a few pounds so she could become the actress she wanted to be. We worked in part on her food but a lot of it was really me supporting her dream. I believed she could make a nice living as an actress and I knew she could be what ever size she wanted to be and stay there. She just needed to know that and start practicing. She stayed with coaching for longer than she wanted to originally, but she did get what she wanted. I just got a nice Christmas email from her telling me so, and thanking me for being a big part of her success.

What is it that you want? Get specific and start taking actions. Make an action plan for yourself and your life and get support to keep going!!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

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Enjoy delicious healthy recipes all year long. I am going to make some Christmas lace cookies myself. The women of Step Up dubbed them the break-up cookies since eating the whole batch would probably be less caloric wise than a couple of Oreo cookies. Plus they are festive, fun and delicious.

Looking at the preview index of the Stories, Tips, and Recipes book my mouth is watering for some popovers, Mom's kind of sole and some fun betwixed bars that would also be perfect for Christmas. Oooh so would making the ever easy tofu cheese I just noticed in volume two. I love spreading that into celery as part of an appetizer try or just eating while watching a movie. After all of the festivities I am sure to make a simple soup and perhaps a grilled sandwich like the one I have a video of on

Enjoy the 15% off today and enjoy the wonderful creations you come up with. Let me know your favorites.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Language of Food

I'm munching on some sauteed kale right now, while trying to memorize the imperative forms of avoir and etre for French class. Learning the language of food gave me freedom in the same way that learning a language allows you to express yourself and have greater interactions with others. Food speaks it's language and you can choose to ignore it like the foriegners sitting next to you on the subway, or you can try out a few words and make some new friends. Eat in a way that gives you more energy, less mass, and feeling terrific.

There are rules just like grammar. Don't mix sweets and beans or you will get terrible gas. Do mix salt with oil to create balance. Do eat cooling summer foods in warm weather and warming winter foods in the cooler months. The vocabulary of food would be all of the different grains, beans, vegetables, etc. and then knowing how to string them together to make wonderful meals that suit your needs. The high energy meal, the clarity meal, the relaxation meal, etc.

If you don't learn how the foods work in the body then you'll be guessing and things that you thought "worked for you" might stop working and you won't understand why or you'll keep looking for that magic diet to stick to that can solve all of your problems. I suppose that would equate to looking for that one book to read over and over. But the fun of reading is the adventure of seeing how it works out. I wouldn't want someone to eat a static diet of only a few foods all plain and boring. Learn the language of food and find where it takes you.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Little things make a difference - How you can start having more success right now!

Little things make a difference. I'm currently living in a dormitory where I just watched a young woman cook herself pancakes from a mix. It took a lot of restraint not to say something as I watched her flip the flapjacks back and forth and press them down with her spatula. "Wait, stop, that will make them tough." I wanted to say. Just let them brown on one side, flip and then brown on the other.

I often see students in my classes also make their baked goods tough or dry from adding more flour than the recipe calls for by tamping, shaking, and scooping flour straight from the bag. Or over-mixing which really causes the dough to rather die because we are working without yeast. Yeasted breads are kneaded and then rest letting the enzymes in the yeast to go to work and cause rising.

On Thursday night I was having the most wonderful conversation with a man who was drinking a drink make from vodka and lime and I'm not sure if there was anything else in the drink. I mentioned to him how the lime is alkalizing and helps to mitigate the acidic effects of the alcohol. He told me that he always felt better from this particular cocktail rather than others.

It is the little choices we choose to do in each moment that are the building blocks for the results we have. You can not continually say "Fuck it" and make choices you know are not good for you without having some sort of consequence. What is it that you would really really like for yourself? If you want to be thinner or healthier are you willing to eat a little less of some things and more veggies and whole grains? Are you willing to make different choices about food? If you eat all of your meals out, would you be willing to start making a few? Would you be willing to order differently and let go of some pleasurable patterns? Would you risk making relationships more satisfying or taking time for exercise you enjoy instead of looking for food to be the pleasure moments in the day?

Be consistent with your new actions by keeping track and seeing yourself build new life muscles. That is what my success journal/calendar is all about. I've marked down the price 20% to offset the shipping costs and it makes a terrific stocking stuffer for anyone who would like to boost their life to the next level. Take 5 minutes a day to track your progress and you'll stay motivated to making lasting changes.