Sunday, November 28, 2010

Get in that Current

So how was your Thanksgiving? Did you get stuffed? Eat too many sweets or more alcohol than you intended? Someone please pass the umeboshi jar...

Did anyone read the feature length story in the December O magazine on John of God? I've been saying for some time that energy medicine will be the next wave. Acupuncture has finally gone from voodoo to being taught at UCLA's medical school. Acupuncture is one way to get energy moving in a better direction but there are plenty of healers who do not need needles and can be quite powerful.

Food is just one tool. It's a good tool. I think with many powerful healers it can be an ignored tool because they believe it is insignificant. Medical doctors understand so little about how foods effect us they lump things into allergies and write off how what we eat is chemically altering us enough to have reactions both emotional and physical. Or maybe they have their own food issues so they don't want to look. I've also met western MD's who do look at diet and know that it can be powerful.

How we hold, block, drop, lift and flow our energy is intertwined with our memories, fears, how we walk, talk, do things, in short, the whole of who we are is energy. Everything is made up of energy and so it makes sense to me to facilitate healing this way. Certainly there are charlatans out there but there are many dedicated and beautiful healers as well.

I know I like concrete evidence like medical tests. I had one client who had blood work done before she started eating what I suggested and after two weeks. By incorporating her greens, grains, beans and sea veggies, her blood work showed significant improvement and she could visibly see the difference with dropping weight and looking better. And there is more. There are many levels to living. You do not need to wait for a wake up call like cancer to start having more, being more and living more. Begin with chewing more.

One experiment never ceases to blow me away. Chew every mouthful of food 100 times even if you are basically chewing nothing before you take the next bite. After three days you will find your energy soaring and you won't need much sleep at all. (I've only known grain/veggie based eaters to do this experiment so let me know if you try it with just any 'ol food...and if your results are the same...) It will help with immunity so much that one man I met had his own anti cold/flu remedy. As soon as he felt something coming on he would sit down with a bowl of brown rice and chew each mouthful 1000 times. I don't know how he did it but he claimed it worked every time and the next day he felt just fine. What an easy way to shift some energy!

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