Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Bigger then Feng Shui

I just got an email from a Feng Shui specialist. While she is excellent at what she does and I have completely seen two restaurants I know very well, go from doing so so, to doing outstandingly excellent once they implemented some feng shui into their business'...there is something bigger.

This something could use a name - call it energy or mind set or what have you, but the energy you carry from what you believe and literally hold true. You hold to yourself and you create it everywhere. Moving from place to place like I have lately, has not made my life magically different. I highly doubt each place I stay has the same feng shui so shouldn't I be doing better in one place, get more dates in another or something like that? No, sorry, it's still me as the common denominator and as much as I would love to wake up Cinderella style one day with some seriously golden slippers - it hasn't happened yet. My progress is slow going, whittle away the old to let the new shine through kind of stuff.

The problem is it is just so easy to fall into those well worn patterns and habits that keep you being the you you are. If you want something new you get to start practicing new thinking, new actions and keep at it until that new you is the default. It's work. There the magical times of falling in love, getting married, having a baby, having someone close to you die, etc...that do jump start that energy into a totally different mode and things shift. Sometimes dramatically but more along the lines of what they see in lottery winners - you have to work at the change or you end up right back where you are comfortable being you.

Get committed to what you want and get the support you need to keep yourself there until you don't need the supports anymore.... Let me know what it is you would like? What do you imagine would make you happier, more fulfilled and excited about your life??? Begin being that person right now!!!

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