Friday, October 15, 2010

The Whole Ideal

I am a little tired this morning. It's to be expected after enjoying a wonderful dessert with dinner last night and a nice amount of exercise and work all week. A body has only so much energy. Sure, I've fooled myself at times into thinking I'll just drink some caffeine or take some energy vitamins or make some alkalizing beverage and keep going feeling fine. You can't trick energy. You can mask it, force it, deny it, etc. but it is still there telling the truth all of the time. Nature is perfect that way.

Ideally I would have this whole eating thing down to such an exact science that I never had consequences right? Wrong. Perfect eating just doesn't happen in modern living. We were never designed to eat pastries. We were designed to eat fruit. We were never designed to consume all sorts of things most people take as normal fuel day after day. We were designed to be wonderfully adaptable but there is a price. Dry skin, oily skin, upset stomachs, fatigue, runny nose, cough, weight gain, these are all small signs that perhaps your eating is off. I'm happy for the small signs because they keep me from hurting myself too badly. The fatigue reminds me that as much as I enjoyed my treat, it's not something to eat all the time. It sets me back on a path of satisfying whole grains instead of bread products and lots of lighter cooked veggies instead of filling up on greasy, oil rich concoctions!

I was witness to one woman who thinks she is a teacher of whole foods who thought the answer to her diet was starve, then eat all sorts of fun foods and then drink kudzu tea (a highly alkalizing remedy) every morning. While she said she felt okay, the woman had mood swings like you wouldn't believe, made things up, screamed at people she loves because they didn't do things her way and was generally nuts. Since many emotional outbursts stem from disturbed intestinal tracts, I would lay bets hers was ill from her supposed macrobiotic regime of rice cakes, nut butters, and wacky eating.

There is no perfect absolute answer to diet but if you listen to the small signs and eat predominately whole foods, you can look and feel pretty great, avoid illness and stay a normal size consistently. I'm still enjoying my desserts, just not every single day.

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