Monday, October 25, 2010

What's the rush?? Slow down and give some Thanks...

I've seen so many articles, postings, even decorations and ads for Thanksgiving already and we haven't even had Halloween yet. I'm guilty as anyone though of rushing things. I do look forward to fun stuff, can't wait, plan and ponder and enjoy the anticipation but then often rush through events instead of savor....

Ahhh, what a recipe for missing out on so much - that rush rush rush right over the pleasure to conquer the next obstacle, handle things and keep rushing towards....what??

If we eat in a rush, it's easy to eat too much and not even really have the experience. Same with life. So why are we rushing through the Holidays? Probably because Thanksgiving is bigger business than Halloween and Christmas is certainly a far bigger profit maker than other holidays. It's become a cultural addiction to rush and try to fit more in instead of being happy with what is in front of us on our plate. It's such an addiction we created all sorts of fast food to open and pop in our mouths as quickly as possible so that we can fit more in. More what? More texting, talking, watching youtube videos or rushing to the next thing? Has life gotten better or have folks just gotten fatter and sicker? I see the latter. Fatter and sicker with more entertainment to distract them. Is that what you want? Is that what you aspire for your kids?

I didn't think so. So how about learning to slow down, smile and enjoy more? I remember being a kid I was only allowed small amounts of cookies and candies and treats so I would make them last as long as I could. I had fun with my food and I ate less than when I grew up and started gulping, buying into the American bigger and more is better theory. I got plump and sick like the rest of America and had to start over again. I still could learn to slow down and savor even more. It's a process. Let's begin right where we are and add a few drops of gratitude in as well. After all that is what Thanksgiving is about more than stuffing!

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