Monday, October 11, 2010

What Drum are You Listening To?

We all have an internal drum. It's our heartbeat. It is there pumping the blood, getting things flowing to all the cells of your body. Then there is a more subtle beat that you listen to, the beat of something deeper inside of you, you could call it the beat of your soul. This drum beat pushes you towards things that would be of benefit and away from things that are not but it is so subtle that the impulses get stifled. They get drowned out as you listen to sources outside of yourself.

I know a woman who thinks that just about everything is a sign from God or that everyone is made of God so if someone tells her something that sounds reasonable, she things she ought to believe it. She is always looking outside of herself for directions and validations and has dismissed her inner guides for so long that she mistakes what her senses tell her and makes mistakes that validate her need to look outside of herself. It's actually common but most people don't have that strong God link in a way that makes it difficult to get back to what is inside.

I asked her to just start small and got her to start thinking of her inner voice as the true voice of God and stop making things up that kept her safe. (I also recommended she work with therapist.) Her cookies and cocoa made her feel safe and while she wanted to eat healthy, she had so many tugs from so many people that she couldn't let go of her habits of boxed cereal, salads or turkey sandwiches, and meat and potatoes. She felt these were right things to eat because so many people do. Only if everything she was eating acid and her habits were only easier for her because they were well practiced.

This woman's breakthrough came when we did a little visualization exercise going deep deep deep to find the inner drummer. She became more willing to try some new things and see how they worked. Fortunately they worked beautifully and she lost the excess weight and cleared her arthritis easily once she started to listen to her body and how it responded to whole foods and not a diet that didn't really work for her. She told me recently that even though she has learned to go and ask her inner drummer for direction she still messes up on occasion. I assured her that is part of being human and not to worry. One missed beat won't mess everything up. Just keep listening to the true beat and not a false one.

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