Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Size Matters

Our culture seems to constantly tell us bigger is better, but too much of a good thing can be painful. It all depends on you and what you would like. Obviously body parts are elastic and can accommodate, but what will make you happy in the long run?

I just came back from a pilates class absolutely ravenous. I had a lighter dinner last night and boy oh boy did I want to eat about three breakfasts as I stepped into the kitchen just now. The problem with that is I will feel overfull, my body will have to work hard to digest all the extra food and I might feel tired, sluggish or unfocused for hours. That isn't what I want. I need to be on top of my game for my clients and all I am doing, so I chose to eat a normal bowl of rye flakes and a pear. I would rather let my system adjust and if I need a little extra at lunch or dinner, it will only be a slight bit more food.

What I notice is that many people would choose to eat double and tell themselves they need it or they deserve it or that store up now because I might not get enough later type of thing. Then wonder why they are gaining inches? Now if you want to gain weight a better way is to do exactly the reverse of weight loss. Add in just a little bit more each meal. Not to feeling stuffed like at Thanksgiving but just a little more than you are used to and you will comfortably gain some weight the way you can comfortably do that in reverse and let go of pounds.

Don't make choices that are going to make you feel bad! There is sometimes pressure to get a bigger house or a bigger car or have the biggest desert because then you are a winner. If all that does is cause you pain and distress from having to decorate and clean more square footage or risk more accidents and dings in the parking lot or what have you - bigger is not better and you lose. Put the time, money and energy into things that turn you on and excite you. I personally would rather be traveling, discovering and exploring than stressing over a big home. I would also rather enjoy each meal and feel good after, than the frustrations and havoc of poor choices. What makes you happy?

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