Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Clean Eating (Continued)

Back to the idea of Eating Clean and what does that mean. I would have to say there are degrees of clean. The more clean we eat, the easier it is for our bodies to function well. A well functioning body has more energy and can tap into the subtle energies of the layers we live in so that means more insights and less just functioning on auto pilot.

For example, coffee might seem innocuous and useful, but it creates a disturbance and imbalance being acid forming and stimulating. A little can sometimes correct certain problems for the moment, but in the long run it can alter cortisol levels (watch that belly fat rise...) deplete kidney function and disrupt your own senses making you work harder than you need to, like putting a filter over or under yourself or walking around in a cloud only it seems quite normal if the cloud is always there. We adapt incredibly fast. If you walk into a room that has an odor, most people will adjust and not even smell it after just 20 minutes.

So what do you want your normal to be? How clean do you want to live? I've noticed that many people like to experiment with their diets only to go back to what feels comfortable or fun. Dessert every night might seem like a reasonable thing since many of us grow up learning that dinner ends with dessert. Only in other countries that might mean a little fruit and not a cake, cookie or pie. If you think that evaporated cane juice isn't like giving yourself a hard knock with a 2x4 - think again. You'll wake up tired the next day and wonder where the coffee is. Seriously.
We don't escape the consequences of what we ingest. Some people are stronger than others so they might recover quicker or notice the effects less but eventually your eating with catch up with you good or bad.

You get to choose how you want your diet to be. Sometimes it might be super clean where you'll eat only foods that grow such as whole grains, vegetables, sea vegetables, beans and fruits. Other times you'll want to add in good quality breads (look for no sugar or additives - not easy outside of health food places.) or baked goods. In good health you might play more and enjoy the occasional clogging foods like pizza for example and then have a few clean days. Cleanses do not make up for eating poorly. They can certainly help to clean up but I wouldn't recommend extreme to extreme types of eating.

Being aware of your options and how far you can stray before the tell tale signs of imbalance begin: runny nose, slight aches, itch, cough, flatulence, etc. Some people will want that energized tapped in feeling of clean eating and some just won't care and everything in between. The only way to really know though is to give super clean eating a go for long enough to get yourself on a high level of well being where happiness and energy are the defaults and take it from there. You will find your compass, your north star and just where you want to be on the subject of clean. I've grown accustomed to clean eating like taking a shower every day or brushing my teeth. It won't hurt once in a while to skip it, but it feels so much better being clean.

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