Wednesday, October 20, 2010

3 steps to Having What You Want - Make that Weight Loss Easier

Have you ever noticed a friend, colleague, relative or maybe someone you just met who is telling you about themselves and you wonder why they are making simple things so tough? Have you ever asked yourself that question? I watch in awe how we all can weave intricate threads to keep ourselves feeling safe. Even the bravest people I know have their tough spots. Weight loss, relationships, money, etc. do not have to be filled with landmines of obstacles.

So how do we let go of where we stumble time and time again?

1. Awareness
2. Commitment
3. Letting go

Not that any of this is easy until it is. Hey, writing letters with a pencil wasn't easy the first time you tried either, but all those big people could do it and you were aware they could read and write and you wanted to be like them so you got committed to learning and you kept at it until you didn't have to think about it, and you could let go. Now picking up a pencil and writing probably seems easy compared with when you were 3 or 4 years old. Eating less or different items has a similar edge to it.

First you get to get real with the problem and stop hiding, blaming, defending or being defeated. Just notice when your defenses arise and take an action against them instead of reinforcing them. Sheesh, it's one thing to say you want to lose pounds but go running to the snacks at the first twinge of hunger or allow those two bites to be the whole pint as you stand in front of the freezer.

Get committed to something. Give yourself some reasons to make it more than a pipe dream. What will you have if you attain the desire? What will those good feelings do for you? How might your life be different? For example if a woman who wants to be a mother gets pregnant and starts eating much better she might not only have a healthy baby but also be giving that baby top quality nourishment for a fantastic start on life for the whole first year of its life that could mean a healthier human for it's entire life and she might look and feel fantastic on top of it. What if you are not a Mom to be? What if you get committed to eating well so that you can be more powerful in your relationships, more creative and centered and get your work done with greater ease? You might start making more money and attracting more good things to you as you feel so much more alive and aware?

Ahhh then there is that letting go point. The letting go to allow for things to flow. And the letting go of the problem. Problems can keep us buffered from something we are afraid of. Fat is a layer of protection, being preoccupied with food keeps you from having to deal with other issues. Health issues are wonderful for that. No one expects much from a sick person, they are exempt from needing to be a success or a provider - they can't, their sick right? What ever you might be using to stay safe - be willing to let it go and move into a richer, happier, fuller life.

And getting assistance with this is highly recommended - pick your coaches, healers, therapists, even friends, and get to work.

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