Friday, September 17, 2010

Why Presentation Matters

I went to help a friend today and thought it would just be a quick trip and I would be back to make my lunch. Silly me, while I could have certainly made something when I got back, I got hungry and just wanted to pick up a sandwich, so I did. The place I chose is somewhat of a fast food restaurant of healthy things. They use organic meats and produce and you get to choose from a limited list of what you want them to put together for you. I had a wrap that was served in foil paper without even a paper plate, just a few napkins.

The place is clean, bright and pleasant so I opted to eat there but I soon found out how messy my meal was and the absence of a plate made me feel terrible as I dripped onto the napkins. It took away greatly from the fresh taste of the ingredients. I was glad I had not walked to the park to eat because then I would probably have had it all over me. The lack of ease or presentation makes me never want to eat there again. It took something tasty and turned it sour. I was full but not satisfied.

Then I got to thinking how often people feed themselves in this way. They do not sit down to a nice looking meal but cheat themselves by eating on the run, opening a bag of something or just slapping something together and not making it nice. This creates dissatisfaction and dissatisfaction can create binging on other things or looking for treats like an ice cream or cupcake to satisfy the visual and aesthetic appetite. Take the moment to put your food on a plate and have it look appealing. Sit down to eat and try to have a nice setting to sit in. It does make a difference and often you will find you are eating less quantity too.

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