Sunday, September 26, 2010

What is Clean Eating?

I often talk about eating clean, so what is that exactly? Clean Eating is a magazine I really like a lot because it embodies what I mean, most of the time. Eating clean is using the freshest whole organic ingredients and that have the most benefit and least distress for our bodies.

Sugar is not a whole food, organic or not. Sugar cane would be. It takes 3 feet of cane to make 1 teaspoon of sugar and that little bit is like taking a hit of a drug. It depresses the immune system for up to 6 hours, creates havoc on the blood sugar and gives your organs a punch like a neighborhood bully.

Eating clean means that we feel great from what we eat because it isn't making that kind of sugar impact or polluting impact like eating chemical laden fast foods, dressings, sauces, etc. When you are eating clean you feel great and look great naturally, have fantastic energy and clarity.

Many people come to me saying they eat healthy and do not realize how their desserts are slowing them down or the little things they are not paying attention to like how many chemicals were in the sauce the restaurant uses or what's in that jar of fat free mayo? I'm aghast at how many young women I meet who are so polluted from what they eat they look ten years older than their age. As soon as you start eating clean, that reverses itself. I've even had male clients who had their hair grow back all from getting clean!!

(to be continued...)

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