Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Little Things Do Make a Difference!

I was just in the kitchen here in this International place I am currently living in. One girl eats cookies for breakfast, Another pours her cornflakes. They eat out of plastic bowls and don't want to invest in a single nice plate or spoon for their stay. I was probably the same when I was young. Doing what seemed easiest, used to Mom taking care of us and not caring if things were all that clean or nice. These girls are suffering though. Excess weight and wrinkles at 22 that make them appear older. They have no idea.

To take care and do little things like cook a good meal and eat it out of a proper bowl does make a difference. Each meal is a gift to your cells or a burden. When we say someone has lived a hard life it is often because we can see what they are wearing beneath the skin. How you treat yourself oozes out.

A couple of years ago I wrote about a man I met who loved God with all his heart and would have cleaned a temple with a toothbrush if he felt it would make a difference, only he desecrated his own body, the original temple of God. He abused himself with bad food and said horrible things to himself when he looked in the mirror, forgetting somehow that this image was part of what he loved most.

Who we are being shows up in our bodies. It shows up in our actions. It shows up in our voice, our walk, our choices. Who do you want to be? Treat yourself well and let it reflect and inspire others. I'm definitely no Saint on this. I need reminders like everyone else. I just do remember to make the meal look pretty and taste good.

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