Thursday, September 2, 2010

Keep the Bagel - Let Go of the Guilt!

I walked into the office to help a woman find her way and another woman I know, one of the directors, walked through, let's call her Claire. Claire is tall, beautiful, graceful and kind. I would want to hang out with her any day of the week, but she is busy with work, kids and commuting. She came out holding her half eaten bagel and cream cheese in it's white paper wrapper in the palm of her hand. Her first reaction was happiness to see me, and her second reaction, she looked at the food in her upturned open palm and winced, saying "And look what I'm eating..."

I personally hate that. My presence in a room should not make anyone feel guilty about what they are eating or not eating. I've learned it's not my problem because I don't really care what others are eating. I do care that if they are interested and want my help. Then I care a lot and I will help as much as I can.

Life ought to be more about fun and enjoyment then guilt and feeling bad and yet so many people are trained to spend more time feeling bad. Let that go. Learn to make life easier and more fun. Work with coaches and healers to let go of the past programming that drives you in directions that you have outgrown. Like guilt. You can let it go. You can unravel those threads that keep pulling you this way or that and cut them. Sometimes it's instant and sometimes it takes a little work. I've worked with coaches myself that was how I learned to coach. I don't believe in done. We are never done with life or learning or finding more, going deeper into the mysteries and discovering answers. I keep working with people, and keep learning all of the time.

What are you interested in? Stop feeling guilty or ashamed for anything you are doing or being and just take some action. NOW!!!

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