Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Joining in the Party - When Whole Foods isn't all Rosy

Once upon a time, a long time ago, it was rare to get sick with diseases like cancer, diabetes, or heart disease, especially at an early age. We had vaccines for things like polio and antibiotics became a way to wipe out a wealth of disease causing bacterias. Science was king and people believed in Wheaties, corn flakes and pasteurized milk to make them healthy.

I was one of those marvelous success stories where I cured myself of illness after illness. I cured things that were not supposed to have cures. We were told by our doctors to live with the illness. I didn't find that acceptable and I worked hard to find solutions. 25 years later and everyone has at least someone in their family with something awful and many with a cure. Food was my cure so I meet people who also cured themselves with diet. There are energy medicine cures, cures from shifting what a person believes to be true, all sorts of ways to let go of ailments.

The world has not quite caught up with the predominant whole foods diet and less refined stuff just yet but it's definitely been swinging in that direction as more people find themselves in similar situations to my own.

The down side of living well is that there is no going back without having consequences. I don't like the consequences of feeling lousy, run down, tired or start to have symptoms so I have to pass on the sugary stuff, the corn flakes or the crinkles. I don't get to partake in the pizza or savor an ice cream cone from a truck. I can get a cupcake from Babycakes or some Coconut Bliss ice cream from Whole Foods but it just isn't the same as joining in with everyone else.

Someone asked me how to deal with this. You just wrestle with your personal demons and there will be times when you choose to suffer for a sweet or feel knocked out for days because you wanted to join in the party. Sometimes it is easier than other times to tell yourself you'll have something you can feel better about at a health food place tomorrow. Sometimes it's downright depressing. That's the reality. It's not all rosy and fun all of the time. But quite a lot of the time it is.

It is nice to have simple home cooked food you can enjoy day after day and night after night. It's fun to experiment with new foods and make discoveries. You learn to let go of focusing on what's missing and take a look at the incredible abundance before you. Just like not every day is super spectacular and magical. Not every meal is going to be sparkling either and there are a few disappointments. Don't let that deter you or start tossing in any towels. It's just a meal or a dessert or a drink, and there are plenty more moments of fun to enjoy.

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