Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Jicama with Dulse and Lime

I cut up some Jicama the other day and squeezed in lime and added some Dulse. You couldn't ask for a better snack. Light, refreshing, aids in digestion, full of minerals and vitamin C. A great side dish that doubles as something to nosh on guilt free. It lasts for days in the fridge as well.

If you are happy with your weight or want to lose a few pounds and need a snack now and again, veggie snacks are great! In the winter I love a slice of steamed kabocha squash. If you pick out a nice dark one with the orange color from inside practically oozing out through the green skin, they can be as sweet as candy. The will start to be coming into season very shortly now.

What's your favorite veggie snack? Let me know.

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