Thursday, September 23, 2010

How Do You Feel About the Size of Your Thighs?

I just saw a video on Facebook that is getting sent around about women and body image. I liked it and agreed with it and I also see it as an excuse. We know advertising is false. So what. You can't blame ads for your overweight and feeling poorly about your body. Queen Latifa might be an exception to the stereotypical beauty, but so are all of those models who are extreme. There will always be exceptions to look at. I have yet to see a video saying it's horrible that people at the top have money. They are just like the models. A little less visible but they are a select group of people that we can look at and ignore, strive to be like, envy or what ever we choose. Do thin people who can't gain weight go around and say there shouldn't be any images of those round people, it makes them feel bad?

You have the power to choose. Do you choose to be unhappy about your body? Then do something about it. Start loving it for what it truly is or stop lying to yourself that you don't want to look like someone else and stop eating the cupcakes, coffee and snickers or stop starving yourself silly. I love the people who think they are immune to a few calories here or a giant frappachino there and then start sniffling from the dairy and sugar overload saying it must be the weather.

Perhaps we could blame advertising for perpetuating the myth that you never have to grow up and take responsibility for yourself and your actions. What if we were all trained to go the extra mile instead of to "get-a-way" with? What if we were trained to take care instead of blame or fight?

What are you saying when you point fingers and say "..see I feel bad because I can never look like that?" You are saying I am keeping my problem. Drop the blame, the shame and start being who you want to be. It takes effort. Of course no model is perfect in real life and I used to always think I needed to be thinner in order to be loved, liked, picked, etc. It has nothing to do with the size of my thighs and everything to do with what's in my head. I now love my body and I love feeling good in it. I feed it well and exercise a little and that seems to be a good recipe for good moods, good energy and a well life.

Decide what you want and how you want to live and get to it. Then you might enjoy those ads for being a specific type of art and not an excuse for what you don't have.

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