Sunday, September 5, 2010

Have More - Eat Less

One of life's fun paradoxes is that when we have, we rarely want. I had a teacher once who had us get abundant with food so that we would eat less of it. When everything is allowable and there is abundance, it calms the hording instincts.

I just moved to a place where I have a little room but the kitchen is shared and it's down the hall. It's a very uninviting kitchen and storage space is limited. It isn't as easy to just make myself a quick snack or grab something as it is when I am living in my own apartment. It also isn't there for me to look at all day long either. I'm spending far less time in the kitchen and eating is pleasurable but it's more functional than it was before. My time is focused on what I am studying and writing, and less on food experiments.

As soon as I moved in though and I didn't have much in the way of edibles, I found myself worried about where to get food and looking forward to the next meal. Once I got my groceries and got settled and had plenty of food for myself, there was peace and I didn't need to eat much. I just needed to know I could eat when I wanted to.

Notice what drives your eating. Do you keep foods on your desk so you never go hungry or look for the nearest coffee shop at every interval in your day? Or do you focus so much on work that you forget to eat and then overeat when you finally do get something in front of you? Knowing you have healthy choices for when you want them can normalize the amounts you consume so have more, eat less and enjoy your life!

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