Friday, September 3, 2010

Drop the Plain and Top Your Grain

It's moving day again for me in NYC. I just used the last tea bag I had for some lovely twig tea and made most of the bits left in the fridge into a tofu scramble with sweet potato, onion and zucchini for breakfast. A nice light but hearty meal to help me do the heavy lifting. I was thinking if I had a man with me, how I would have made him some whole grain to go with this meal. My next thought was how when I advocate whole grain eating I bet many people just try to eat it plain day after day.

Even I, a lover of plain stuff, like something on my grain. So what are some good things to have to make a bowl of brown rice or millet and all have a little zip? Me, I'm a fan of the flax oil and especially the Whole Foods or Barleans brands. Too much doesn't taste great but a nice drizzle in gives the grain a buttery flavor and also gives me that lovely toned look without having to go to the gym.

In Japan there is a condiment common on many tables called Gomasio. It is sesame seeds and sea salt, roasted and ground together. Very easy to make and will keep in the fridge for a month. On the table or traveling about a week.

For a mineral rich, no cooking involved condiment, mix equal parts of onion powder, Nori flakes and Dulse flakes. You can easily purchase the small bags of the flakes from your health food shop or the mail order places. (see links at Roast your favorite nuts or seeds for a nice crunchy topping. Use a little organic Tamari to balance the oil at the end of cooking.

If you prefer creamy to crunch you can make endless butters such as carrot butter, sweet potato butter, squash butter, etc. Mix pureed vegetables with your favorite nutbutter and a little salt. Try carrots with cashew butter for example or almond butter mixed with butternut squash puree. You can always spice them up with ginger, cinnamon, cloves, etc. Far more grounding and satisfying than fruit toppings and can be just as sweet.

See what you come up with and let me know your favorites!

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