Thursday, August 5, 2010

There is More Than One Way To Health

Everyone wants to be right. I keep encountering the raw food folks who think you can only truly heal with a raw diet or the macrobiotic folks who think they are the elite chosen few that by sticking closely to what they think is the right macrobiotic diet, you can be disease free. There are the Auyruvedic enthusiasts, the vegans, the yogis, the cleanse every three months folks, the no carbs eaters and plenty more.

So who is right? Could you heal with any of these diets or is one really the best? I think you can heal with any of them. What is best is what is best for you. The best you can do is learn what they have to offer and start trying things. I include many things in what I teach people because many of the diets out there overlap. It comes down to how food works in the body. Then I have seen people heal from sheer will or die from lack of will. I have seen people heal completely with one diet only to reject it, go back to eating the way they grew up and get sick again and die. I have seen people jump around and never heal. I've seen for myself that sticking to what I do, I find new and better levels of health year after year.

What do you want for yourself? Would you like more energy? A clear mind? Would you like to lift your mood and be in control of how you feel? Would you like to give your body what it needs to heal quickly and easily? You can do all of this and more as you understand food from a different perspective. There is no right as one of my favorite teachers used to remind us. Let go of the guilt and just make choices you feel good about!

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