Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Reader Asks About Xylitol and Truvia

Hi Susan,
Thanks for your wisdom and reminders of a healthy lifestyle. Not sure if you answer questions directly about this but for the sugar substitutes in the harmful category do you include xylitol and Truvia?

Hey there, I think you must already know the answer and are looking for "a way out" or a way to kind of cheat and be happy about it? Everything is a choice and I happen to not like the consequences of eating things that for me cause some pretty ugly reactions. Just because you don't have the hives or blisters from these products doesn't mean they are good for you or are not doing damage. You will find research that says they are fine and you will also find many many people who have horrible reactions. You could be lucky and never have any problems but the odds are greater that you are inviting trouble so why bother? Why not adopt a lifestyle that you can feel deeply good about? Just in asking the question you are really saying to me that you want that. You want to know how foods effect you and you want to be living at the highest level you can be and you want it to taste great right?? It can and I say toss out the artificial or the semi- natural stuff and really go with things you can feel good about. Have your tried Agave for example? What is it that you would like to create for yourself? What would you like to be able to give to your family? How do you want to be in the world? If you decide to make some changes and would like some support, I do phone coaching all over the world and we can even now video chat!!

Thanks Susan. You are right, I am looking for you to tell me yes it's fine when I really feel it's not the best answer. I think of the wonderful information you passed along to me in our phone coaching often and appreciate your honesty with this.

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