Saturday, August 21, 2010

Oh Cocoa!

Yes, I still must go see the Coco Chanel movies and maybe have some cocoa truffles to go with them?? Have you seen yet? Great ingredients and an easy gift for yourself or others. Of course if you want to make some simple cocoa treats at home - start with the best cocoa powder you can get. It makes such a difference when you are using so few ingredients.

Here is a recipe that is pretty much assembly so it will keep you house cool and can be a great project for you and the kids. Just be willing to have sticky fingers!


Many years ago my friend Darcy Marta and I used to make different nuggets as a fun and healthy treat. Experiment and find what you like best. She and I used Honey. Here I use Brown Rice syrup because it will spike your blood sugar less and gives a great flavor. Use any nut butter you like, Cashew butter, hazelnut butter, peanut butter, sesame butter to name a few. Use any cereals you like, and/or add seeds and nuts.

Brown Rice Syrup
Almond Butter
Crisped Rice cereal (Erwhon makes them with grain sweetener)
Corn flakes
Cocoa powder or grain sweetened chocolate chips (Sunspire is one brand)

Mix approximately equal amounts of rice syrup and nut/seed butter. Mix cereals in well. You may even mash up with your hands. Add any seeds/nuts or even dried fruits and mix well. Roll up small balls with your hands and either roll in cocoa powder or dip into melted chocolate. For melted chocolate place chocolate chips into a double boiler or a saucepan with a flame tamer underneath. Turn the heat to low and stir as the chocolate melts. Add just a touch of olive oil to thin and be able to dip your nuggets and get a light coating of chocolate. Place on wax paper or a plate to cool.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds great! My mouth is watering as I read the recipe...