Monday, August 16, 2010

Getting Out of Pain - Into Pleasure

When pain is gone it's just gone and you probably don't think about it. When pleasure is gone, you probably miss it and go seeking it out. That would be pretty basic. Who would go looking for their migraine or go back and open up a cut to check that it's still there to hurt every time they use their finger to type or would you hit yourself over and over to make sure you had some ugly bruises??

It gets a little trickier when pleasure and pain get all wrapped up together like lovers that offer enough pleasure to keep you hooked, some foods taste great even though they create havoc on your waistline or health. You have to associate more pleasure to looking and feeling good and more pain to the opposite. Getting out of pain is usually much more motivating that acquiring pleasure...go primal instincts...

If you keep saying that you want to lose weight or you want to get healthier or you want your life to be different - what is stopping you? What pain do you perceive if you make the change or what pleasure do you get by staying with what you are doing? Are you making excuses? Are you justifying your excuses?

Sometimes being a coach I've seen miraculous transformations happen as I listen and am the witness for the person who is struggling to make a change. They needed someone to really listen and stand for them in order to hear how ludicrous the old logic they were clinging to was. Other times, we need to do some process work to get our brains to see how painful it is to overeat or eat crap too often. What do you really want? Start living happier today!!

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