Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Food - When Your Friends Don't Agree

I remember when I began to heal myself with food. It was so dramatic and life changing and I wanted to tell everyone I knew and get them to switch with me. It was tough to realize that people do not want to change their food. Who wants to wake up from a pleasurable dream? I probably wouldn't either if I had felt there was a choice.

Recently I had a question from a woman who is so frustrated watching her friends eat typical American fare and then run to their doctors. She was saying it was becoming a friend buster because she couldn't watch anymore. My advice, just let go and love them. Be a shining example of what you enjoy and that it makes you feel great, look great and don't worry about them unless they ask. Once they ask, then its fair game to tell them what you have found to be true. Keep your friends and if you want to say something like "You know, I discovered (fill in the blank), and I'm having this great experience from it, you might want to try it too... than it's like giving them the scoop, as in a where a good sample sale is, or a new restaurant to try, that sort of thing. Then let it go.

Friends are important and letting everyone live the way they choose with their diet is important too. It's almost like religion or background, we have different experiences and beliefs and diet is going to be different for each person. Even if you eat the same sort of diet, it has to be different for each person because we are all made up just a little bit differently. Not everyone wants to be conscious or healthy or have magic happen in their lives. If you choose that, fantastic! Enjoy and love the others just as they are. They just might be curious one of these days...

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