Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Do I Eat Chips

Someone just asked me if I eat chips. They want to know if chips are an okay thing to be eating but fear they are not. They want to relieve their own guilt about chips because if I eat chips than it must be okay to eat chips right?

Sheesh that's a lot of pressure just about a few chips but to ease your mind, yes I eat chips and french fries and Coconut Bliss or Tomberlies ice creams. I eat most everything but I'm discerning as to the ingredients. I'm also discerning about how much of these fun foods I eat. It's certainly a very very small amount. I do not eat dessert every night or chips every week. I end up eating more fries of all varieties, french fries, home fries, sweet potato fries, when I'm traveling. That is often because they are something on the menu I can feel better about eating than the bread with sugar and yeast in it. I've had many a salad with fries at places where everything is laden with dairy products and I've eaten my fill of fish, or organic meat.

What I'm getting at here is choices. You make your choices and decide if you want the consequences. Hopefully you are thinking about consequences before and not after you eat. I won't eat the Coconut Bliss then on a day when I'm really run down and tired, because that is asking for some reaction. It might be a cold or a neck ache or skin eruptions for me. For you it will be where you have your weak spots. I plan for treat foods or I ask myself how I am feeling and what are the possible outcomes. It just takes a few seconds and then I can enjoy those pleasures - guilt free!

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manny said...

For sure you dont get guilt for eating! I saw one caption on a jersey" You are What You Eat"