Friday, August 6, 2010

Being Prepared

I was just reading an article on food storage for emergency situations. It read like comedy or science fiction since living in a NYC apartment there is hardly room to store simple things like clothes in the tiny closets, much less large bags of wheat. Who eats wheat berries or has a handy little mill to grind it up these days? Okay, yeah, I kind of like wheat berries but just a few mixed in with some brown rice or something. In an emergency I just don't think wheat is the most wonderful whole grain to have on hand. The article was recent too, kind of surprising as that sounds to me like a recommendation from maybe 1912?

I've never been all that prepared and thankfully have not needed to be. I always had cases of water in my apartment in Los Angeles which were for drinking but I reasoned in an earthquake, at least I'd have water. Water is the most important item to have so even if you don't want to store cases, at least store something to purify the most dreadful water.

Many people get a variety of quick cooking things like oats or rye flakes, canned goods, crackers with a 3 year shelf life, etc. All of that seems fine but what about camping foods? Check out any place that sells camping supplies and there is a nice little section of quick cooking meals that can just sit around waiting for the hot water one day. A freeze dried meal from a pouch sounds infinitely better than trying to cook up something in an emergency situation. If you want to be extra prepared you could test out some of the camping foods on your family and see what they like and then stock up on those items.

Hopefully you will never need them and can have a little eat the emergency supplies party every couple of years so things don't surpass their expiration dates. Several families can all have the party together and then restock, maybe even getting a bulk discount? Why wait for an emergency to band together.

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