Monday, August 2, 2010

Anti Aging Serum - It doesn't come in a bottle.

Ahhh looking good. Some of you guys wrote to me and asked what I eat that keeps me looking young. There is no magic elixir or super fruit. There is no right diet like raw versus macrobiotic or vegan or cuisine like Italian, or Mediterranean, African,Indian or Japanese. Pretty much all traditional diets can work, meat or no meat can work, and less worry is always a good idea!

The most powerful concept in staying youthful is really a lifestyle that enhances balance. Acid forming food are usually the culprits in quicker aging processes. What would be the worst offenders? Overeating might be one of the worst. It creates acidity, makes your body work overtime and clogs up the system. Under-eaters often look younger than their years, have more flexibility and energy, even when what they eat isn't what you might call perfect.

Think about it, digestion is a lot of work. If you overfill your washing machine or other appliances consistently making them work harder, they can break or not do the job as well as it could be done. Pushing yourself constantly in any way, be it exercise, work or digestion, taxes your system and wears it down. By eating a clean diet that is plant based is a great way to start clearing things up. 3 meals a day is usually plenty as well. The constant snacking type of eating only continues to have digestion working and it barely gets a rest.

If you don't get enough sleep that puts a great deal of stress on your body and is a nice recipe for quicker aging and being more hungry. Usually hungry for stimulants that - oh yeah - will definitely speed up those tell tale signs like wrinkles and flab.

Finally, what is the one of the best foods to make you age faster than a speeding bullet? Sugar! Yes, that ubiquitous sweet stuff so many of us love. You can still love sweets, just get the cane out and don't go trading it for cell killing substitutes like Splenda either. Unless you want some Parkinson's or Alzheimer's or maybe some MS prematurely invited into your life.

Living well does equal looking good so get some new healthy habits going and if you need some support be sure to schedule a session at

P.S. Another anti aging secret - A little Lorac goes a long way in looking terrific!!! Sold at Sephora.

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