Thursday, August 12, 2010

Always Learning

I just learned that if I start a blog post and come back to edit and post it later, it does not come up as the most recent post. Instead it posts back to the date is was started. I could choose to be miffed about this or just notice and work with it. Now that I know how it works, I can just remember that and adjust accordingly.

That is basically how we operate with our relationships of all kinds. We make up what we want to make up about what we learn, and then interact with the person, the item, the food, etc. If we change what we make up, what we are looking at can change. The food is still just food. You can be afraid of it, have a love/hate relationship with it, enjoy it, not think about it, etc. You might notice as you lighten up over food and don't need it in a needy "please cover up what I'm feeling" sort of way or use it for a substitute friend, lover, mother, confidante... that the food or item or person, changes...

Did you ever assign a certain energy to an article of clothing? Maybe you have your lucky underwear? Did a shirt take on significance when she told you that you look handsome in it? Did it change when you thought about the person differently? You have the power to direct your energy and decide how you want to feel and how you will interact or show up.

How we flow our energy out is usually how it comes back to us. Notice what you might be flowing towards what you encounter each day. You might play a little game and make things more positive for yourself. Decide to choose to be happy with what comes or what you choose. If you really love your afternoon snack of chocolate covered pretzels but you would rather feel better and shed some pounds, love those pretzels from afar and say so long for now, and chose some fruit instead and really enjoy and love the fruit. It's just a game so that is simply an example of how you might want to play. Play your way and love the results you get.

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