Friday, July 23, 2010

Stay Strong with your Healthy Choices

It is interesting to me how much diet is a defining choice. It's more like religion than the work that you do or how you dress yourself. Food brings people together and when your choices don't correspond with those around you it can bring up a lot of emotions.

I never have a problem with other people eating what they like. I used to. When I first found out that food could be my cure and began investigating how it worked, I wanted everyone to feel the dramatic results I was having. Suffering could cease for so many and I wanted to tell them, just put down the cream cheese and join me over here with my morning millet and berries 'cuz it's going to be a brand new day. My loved ones not only ignored me and kept pouring their frosted flakes with milk, they tried to knock me down. In fact it still happens 20 years later as I've given up making suggestions that I know could improve their health or quality of life. I figure if they really wanted to know at this point, they could ask. I stand so strong in how I eat that I don't fight back when I'm criticized, put down or can feel the vibe of being different in a room of people consuming birthday cake when I'm just eating some berries. I try not to take on their comments or I flatly keep standing for myself and let their fears roll off me. They are feeling threatened because they know they could improve and don't want to change. It's easier for them to attack and try to let out what they are feeling but it doesn't work for anyone.

What do you do when you DO want to eat healthier choices and make some switches but the pull to indulge in the familiar lures you in?? You get support to keep going wherever you can. It's difficult to be the fish swimming upstream but the results are worth the effort.

I went from a junk food queen to an all whole plant based way of life and it took work to get it where it is effortless. I read books, found groups of people who were doing something similar and ate with them once a week. I cooked for people so I would have some company with what I was eating. I had some help in that my skin would erupt enormously when ever I would veer off what I was doing, so I quickly learned not to do that despite my mother's cajoling or a friend who just wanted some company in being decadent. I went to every food counselor I could afford to see, went to all the conferences on food and even traveled to other countries to learn more when I could. Now I do it more for fun than out of need. The biggest help I had was weekly coaching with a coach who supported me in keeping on track. That is one of the easiest ways to build some skills and keep going until you are strong enough to buck the current of cultural ways.

It takes strength and courage to live well when most are not. You can do it!!

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