Saturday, July 17, 2010

A quick little Coaching Corner - What Would You Like to Feel Today?

I just wrote to a friend of mine who is a terrific cook when she wants to be. She is a fantastic person all around and one of the best Mom's I've ever seen. Right now her teenage kids are a hand full and she has a ton of appointments that she fits into her busy day. I asked her what makes her show up on time and make all of these appointments?

I'm sure she will answer me with that she has to, or she doesn't see any other choice to get the results that she wants for her kids or her family. I am asking her to be that committed to herself for what she wants as well.

So often I hear the excuses for not eating well. You might tell yourself you don't have time, or cooking for one is no fun, or that you waste the things you buy so you are better off eating out, etc. etc. What are yours anyway? Send them to me please...

Excuses just get you more of what you don't really want, but its seems easier in the moment. Many excuses come out as "jokes" when you speak to your friends. I like to joke in my seminars about the pint of ice cream. You know the one where you pull it out of the freezer and are just going to have a couple of bites. You savor that first bite or two slowly and carefully and then something happens and low and behold you kind of wake up and realize that there are only a few bites left in the container. People laugh when I tell it. My inflections are good and they can relate to the experience. That has not happened to me in many many years because I don't relate to food as good/bad anymore. I listen when I'm making excuses in my mind to do things I know I won't like the results of and I talk myself into something I will be happier with. I put a scoop of Mint chip coconut bliss ice cream in bowl these days and savor every bite. I don't go back for more because I'm satisfied and onto other interesting and fun experiences.

What would you like to feel like today? Start listening to what you are saying to yourself, take actions that you can be happier with in the long and short run and watch what happens. Adjust when needed but let go of those old excuses. Be an example for your kids or for all of us!!

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