Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Live Lavishly

There is an ancient principle: Every front has a back,the bigger the front, the bigger the back. You can apply it to a lot in life.

What are you ingesting? If that is what is going in the front, what's coming out the back? If all things are energy and you like to ingest trashy TV and magazines what does that do to you? It's the same with junk food.

Imagine yourself having a three day vacation and its all paid for and all inclusive. Imagine you are picked up in a limousine and whisked away to the most lavish 5 star hotel, with high ceilings, elegant tasteful rooms and decor, there is perfectly ripe fruit and bottled water always available and everything is clean. That image has a certain energy to it. See if you can really imagine something like that and walk yourself into it.

What if instead you were picked up in a beat up, falling apart, rusted out, car that needed a new muffler and taken to a filthy, rat infested, run down motel with low ceilings and a window that looked out at a brick wall? That has a different feeling to it right? Do you want to be here? Would you stay?

If you ingest foods that have a low or depleting vibration to them it will effect your moods, your energy and your overall health. Of course you can compensate - the human body is wonderfully adaptable but eventually it will take its toll. If you are more discerning about what energies you take in, you will feel the difference!! Go live in lavishness every day - quality is waiting for you.

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