Sunday, July 11, 2010

Grateful for Whole Foods - That's Right the Super Market!

You might joke about Whole Foods prices or products or that there are real people who shop there thinking if they buy it there it's healthy. I have my issues at times with the chain, and in New York I wish they all could be as bountiful as the Columbus Circle one or have those yucca fries like the store in Tribecca, but so often Whole Foods comes through so well.

Just last week I found organic peaches that could rival the Santa Monica farmers market and sweet young Kolrabi that have made my salads in this hot weather so much fun with their crunchy white goodness. (really great with a honey mustard dressing...)

Today the much needed bottle of water to cross Central Park without being parched only cost me 69 cents rather than the $2 I would have paid at a cart outside. The real savings was the nice clean public restroom just when I needed it while running uptown, downtown, East and West looking for an apartment to rent. I've never been so grateful for a Whole Foods store. I'm seriously hesitant to live on the East side of Manhattan just because they don't have them there.

Whole Foods makes my life a little easier. I can trust there will be things for me and I'm pleasantly surprised when it's more than the average Quinoa or Kale and I can find some in-season produce or a new local agave sweetened baked good. Certainly there is room for improvement but today, I'll just say - Thank Goodness it's there!

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