Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Exercise Your Mind Muscles

Yesterday we mentioned a tiny bit about sugar. Many people talk to me about "trying to be good" or they have done things before that didn't stick or how they would like to be eating better and feel they know how, but are not doing it. I understand. I am just like you too. I would rather do what is easiest. I would love food to show up magically that is gourmet and wonderfully delicious that I can always feel good about without lifting a diget. Maybe include perfect for my condition that day too.

There was once an Indian restaurant in L.A. where the owner would come out and ask you how your day was going, how you were feeling and what you might be in the mood for to eat. Then he went back to the kitchen and put in your order and it was designed to make you feel better than when you walked in. I thought he was genius.

Since I don't have hired help, I cook my food myself and it doesn't take much time but that is because I put in the time to learn how foods work and how to cook them up with speed, ease and grace. That was where I put in the muscles to build the habits.

I do have clients that never cook and only order. For myself, I like to have things I would not make for myself when I'm eating out. I like to indulge a bit and try new things. For those that only eat out, this can be a problem as their diet can go easily into unsupportive territory.

Every bite is a choice. When you were very very little, you knew what your body wanted and how much it wanted and you were not as programmed by society or TV to want things emotionally, overriding your bodies wisdom. That is still there if you listen for it. It takes a degree of mental muscles to keep lifting up your thoughts and tuning in. You get bombarded everywhere you go with ads, restaurants, smells, peers, and your own old habits. Creating new habits takes building your mental muscles long enough that it becomes like brushing your teeth. You wouldn't want to make the choice of not brushing your teeth because you most likely would not like the consequences.

If you start eating for the results you want, you will build the muscles to have what you want. If you need some support - get a coach!

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