Thursday, July 15, 2010

Are You Free To Eat

I listened as I entered the Whole Foods Market as a woman on her cell phone told her friend "I think we deserve a cocktail for that..." I took a basket and rode the escalator down to the produce section where a young boy was picking out pre-cut fruit with his mother. She told him he could get the whipped cream. Another mother with a toddler was trying to decide between the collards and the kale. I encouraged her to get both and make some fun green rolls by steaming both greens, cutting out the hard stem in a collard, rolling it up like sushi with the kale and some avocado and ume paste, cutting bite sized pieces and sprinkling carrot shavings on top to make them really fun to eat. She loved the idea.

Food freedom is making the best choices for you at any given time. Choices made out of knowing what the consequences are and choosing those consequences. Thinking you deserve a treat because you did something you didn't want to do is not freedom, it still perpetuates being in a jail of good/bad food choices.

Food freedom is when you have clarity and vitality from your food and not suffer from it. Eating what you enjoy and feel good about and never have to worry about your clothing sizes again. Food freedom in not about finding ways to overindulge it finding freedom to live a great life and food is a part of that.

Having possibilities gives us an open road to travel but without actually choosing a destination you might wander. Choose how you want to feel and look and be and then food becomes a tool to support that. This is freedom!!!

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