Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Last Day to get Free Shipping

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Live Lavishly

There is an ancient principle: Every front has a back,the bigger the front, the bigger the back. You can apply it to a lot in life.

What are you ingesting? If that is what is going in the front, what's coming out the back? If all things are energy and you like to ingest trashy TV and magazines what does that do to you? It's the same with junk food.

Imagine yourself having a three day vacation and its all paid for and all inclusive. Imagine you are picked up in a limousine and whisked away to the most lavish 5 star hotel, with high ceilings, elegant tasteful rooms and decor, there is perfectly ripe fruit and bottled water always available and everything is clean. That image has a certain energy to it. See if you can really imagine something like that and walk yourself into it.

What if instead you were picked up in a beat up, falling apart, rusted out, car that needed a new muffler and taken to a filthy, rat infested, run down motel with low ceilings and a window that looked out at a brick wall? That has a different feeling to it right? Do you want to be here? Would you stay?

If you ingest foods that have a low or depleting vibration to them it will effect your moods, your energy and your overall health. Of course you can compensate - the human body is wonderfully adaptable but eventually it will take its toll. If you are more discerning about what energies you take in, you will feel the difference!! Go live in lavishness every day - quality is waiting for you.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Identity Shifts - Who Do You Want To Be?

I recently read a book that is coming out August 17th called "My Formerly Hot Life". I loved meeting the author Stephanie Dolgoff who blogs about the changes she has been experiencing. We all experience changes from who we used to be. When we are young we mostly take it for granted that we won't want to play with dolls or rubber ducks at some point. We grow out of picture books and advance onto novels. Somewhere along the line we start believing ourselves to be something and that gets backed up with evidence. The hot girl/guy, the wallflower, the nerd, the rebel, the artist, the intellectual are all common labels for those who are not steeped in Eckhart Tolle teachings.

We associate with our identity so closely that it can be excruciatingly painful to have it fall apart. If you thought of yourself as a musician all of your life and then cannot make a living with it, realize maybe you are not ever going to play the big gigs you dreamed of and better reside yourself to something else or shift, most people reside themselves and decide to just be who they know themselves to be. Why? Why not put in some muscle and elevate yourself into the next phase of you?? You can be how you would like to be. Remember Newton's laws of motion? Energy will move in the direction it is heading unless something gets in its way. An identity shift takes an enormous kick of energy, but it can be done. An actor who falls into a character has to snap back into the self they know themselves but what if they chose to take on being some of the character instead. Could it stick? Of course it can. We are always going to be the essence of who we are but we all have identity shifts. Some more graceful than others.

Who did you dream of being when you were younger? What would you like your life to look like now. Does the you that you know yourself to be have fun? Have energy and joy? Why or why not? What needs to shift to take on the person being what you want? Are you willing to do what it takes?? I've seen women be so willing to twist themselves into pretzels to please but they forget who they are and have to practice to find their way back to someone they respect and love and who can be loving and filled with joy while giving in certain amounts. Play with your life and don't just settle.

I think Stephanie's little joke about being formerly is good to look at and shift from. A little girl looks at being a big girl and doesn't want to be a baby anymore. Look at what you were formerly as a stepping off place to who you want to be now. Life can get better and better...

Blog Bite - Sweet Summer Corn

In Minnesota we used to say that the corn ought to be knee high by the forth of July. In California the corn is sweet and ready to eat by July. Not sure what the corn is doing here on the East coast. I recently read that corn "engenders happiness." There's a good reason to bring it on your next picnic or serve for dinner!

The next time you steam a few ears or cook them on the grill, skip the butter and rub Ume paste ( on your corn. It’s delicious and much better for your digestion as well as your heart.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Stay Strong with your Healthy Choices

It is interesting to me how much diet is a defining choice. It's more like religion than the work that you do or how you dress yourself. Food brings people together and when your choices don't correspond with those around you it can bring up a lot of emotions.

I never have a problem with other people eating what they like. I used to. When I first found out that food could be my cure and began investigating how it worked, I wanted everyone to feel the dramatic results I was having. Suffering could cease for so many and I wanted to tell them, just put down the cream cheese and join me over here with my morning millet and berries 'cuz it's going to be a brand new day. My loved ones not only ignored me and kept pouring their frosted flakes with milk, they tried to knock me down. In fact it still happens 20 years later as I've given up making suggestions that I know could improve their health or quality of life. I figure if they really wanted to know at this point, they could ask. I stand so strong in how I eat that I don't fight back when I'm criticized, put down or can feel the vibe of being different in a room of people consuming birthday cake when I'm just eating some berries. I try not to take on their comments or I flatly keep standing for myself and let their fears roll off me. They are feeling threatened because they know they could improve and don't want to change. It's easier for them to attack and try to let out what they are feeling but it doesn't work for anyone.

What do you do when you DO want to eat healthier choices and make some switches but the pull to indulge in the familiar lures you in?? You get support to keep going wherever you can. It's difficult to be the fish swimming upstream but the results are worth the effort.

I went from a junk food queen to an all whole plant based way of life and it took work to get it where it is effortless. I read books, found groups of people who were doing something similar and ate with them once a week. I cooked for people so I would have some company with what I was eating. I had some help in that my skin would erupt enormously when ever I would veer off what I was doing, so I quickly learned not to do that despite my mother's cajoling or a friend who just wanted some company in being decadent. I went to every food counselor I could afford to see, went to all the conferences on food and even traveled to other countries to learn more when I could. Now I do it more for fun than out of need. The biggest help I had was weekly coaching with a coach who supported me in keeping on track. That is one of the easiest ways to build some skills and keep going until you are strong enough to buck the current of cultural ways.

It takes strength and courage to live well when most are not. You can do it!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Blog Bite - Peaches can keep you cool.

Peaches are one of my favorite summer fruits. Here on the east coast I've been amazed at how sweet and perfect they are! Cooling to the body and builds moistening fluids especially to the lungs and intestines. Constipation be gone as well as high blood pressure, dry cough or other dry conditions. I found the fact that eating peaches tends to limit perspiration an interesting tidbit since it was so hot here. Look for ones that have a strong peach smell for the most flavor.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

When Healthy Choices Feel Like Punishment

You're out to dinner with friends and everyone is drinking alcohol and you choose water with lime because you don't want the effects drinking can bring later. Maybe you skip the bread. It isn't a good time for yeast and your happy with your salad and entree. Then comes dessert. You know how knocked out you'll feel for a couple of days if you eat the sugar or how your stomach will be bloated, ankles swollen or maybe a couple of days later you might have skin eruptions that will take weeks to heal. You have tea while your friends share a double chocolate fudge cake and homemade ice cream and you feel left out and frustrated but glad to stick with your food choices.

My reactions to certain foods over the years has changed. I've never been one of those people who can indulge just a little bit in unsupportive foods and just wind up a tired from it. I get reactions ranging from a little bit uncomfortable to huge blisters that take weeks to heal that are painful and ugly. It's just not worth it for me to eat the cake or have the sauce with cane sugar in it.

Sometimes there are wonderful restaurants I can steer friends to where I don't have to worry about questionable ingredients. I certainly do find myself in many a situation though where I have felt like the odd man out and cannot share in what everyone else is eating. Parties, events, even some coffee shops friends want to meet in, can feel like I'm being punished for my inability to metabolize all of these tantalizing creations. It just isn't worth it though, and I have to remember that feeling good is far better than those few minutes of fitting in and playing along.

My strategy is to tell myself that I will go and get, or make, a healthy what-ever-it-is that I'm wanting, later. Like tomorrow or next week when I return to a kitchen or a city that has something I can feel good about. Even if you live in a place that doesn't have a vegan bakery with agave sweetened delights, there is always the Internet! Babycakes ships, healthy chocolatiers ship, Diamond organics is a mail order place so there are some options.

Another option if it is a party or gathering in someones home you can bring your own dessert or dish to share with everyone. If it is in a restaurant you may want to call ahead. Often they would rather accommodate your special request rather than have you bring in outside food but some are more than happy that you bring your own cupcakes or pastry because keeping you happy means you might come back again.

I often travel with my homemade amaranth bread to eat for breakfast if I'm in a hotel for a couple of days. If I'm with others there has never been a problem while I sit at the table and enjoy my own bread and order a tea. Usually my friends or family wish they were eating what I was.

The biggest lesson I've learned to incorporate over the years so that my healthy choices do not feel like punishment is to just be happy with my choices and let go of that left out feeling. The world is very slowly recognizing that the way I've learned to eat for energy, health and vitality is the way to go, but it's slow. I can find more and more restaurants, prepared foods and as my body is always changing for the better, I do tolerate more and more so a little of this or that affects me less if I do want a taste.

Lighten up and take yourself out of the prison and into your life.
For more personalized situations get a session at

Exercise Your Mind Muscles

Yesterday we mentioned a tiny bit about sugar. Many people talk to me about "trying to be good" or they have done things before that didn't stick or how they would like to be eating better and feel they know how, but are not doing it. I understand. I am just like you too. I would rather do what is easiest. I would love food to show up magically that is gourmet and wonderfully delicious that I can always feel good about without lifting a diget. Maybe include perfect for my condition that day too.

There was once an Indian restaurant in L.A. where the owner would come out and ask you how your day was going, how you were feeling and what you might be in the mood for to eat. Then he went back to the kitchen and put in your order and it was designed to make you feel better than when you walked in. I thought he was genius.

Since I don't have hired help, I cook my food myself and it doesn't take much time but that is because I put in the time to learn how foods work and how to cook them up with speed, ease and grace. That was where I put in the muscles to build the habits.

I do have clients that never cook and only order. For myself, I like to have things I would not make for myself when I'm eating out. I like to indulge a bit and try new things. For those that only eat out, this can be a problem as their diet can go easily into unsupportive territory.

Every bite is a choice. When you were very very little, you knew what your body wanted and how much it wanted and you were not as programmed by society or TV to want things emotionally, overriding your bodies wisdom. That is still there if you listen for it. It takes a degree of mental muscles to keep lifting up your thoughts and tuning in. You get bombarded everywhere you go with ads, restaurants, smells, peers, and your own old habits. Creating new habits takes building your mental muscles long enough that it becomes like brushing your teeth. You wouldn't want to make the choice of not brushing your teeth because you most likely would not like the consequences.

If you start eating for the results you want, you will build the muscles to have what you want. If you need some support - get a coach!

Summer Sugar Fun

I love when you guys write to me. I'm sitting here with a bowl of millet and peaches for breakfast (and it is quite yum btw...) learning that apparently more than one of you is having a difficult time with the mood swings and addictiveness of sugar. One woman said she can't get off the summer sugar fun and then the crummy and feeling grouchiness, please help...

I'm sorry to have to be the one to tell you. The best way to get off of sugar, is to quit sugar. I'm talking about cane sugar here but hey, if your problem is maple sugar or dried fruit or agave sweetened chocolate this will help too. Cane sugar is a powerful drug and will keep you happily high by day and then crying or angry by night...or anytime your liver starts screaming that you have had more than enough.

To make matters worse sugar depresses your immune system for up to 6 hours after eating it. It's so easy to absorb and is in everything from bread to ketchup to soups that you must be diligent in weeding it out if you ever hope to find balance again where you have control of your state of mind and feel centered with your feet on the ground.

Does that mean it's goodbye forever??? No, it doesn't have to be, but I really don't recommend that alcoholics that are trying to recover go hang out in bars. I'd give yourself at least a year of being cane sugar free before seeing what it is like again. There are plenty of naturally sweet treats to enjoy. There are plenty of products available, recipes galore (one site even has my first cookbook exclusively and natural sweeteners that do not pack such a wallop. (please do be careful even fruit can have some of the same effects especially when your condition is weak.)

What is the opposite of sugar? That's right, salt. If you eat a lot of salt you will naturally crave sweet as your body seeks balance so be mindful and don't give yourself a reason to go ping ponging back and forth.

For more individualized assistance, schedule a session at

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Tofu as a Beauty Aid

Tofu is amazing stuff really. It can be tender, silky, chewy or firm. It can take on most any flavor. It can replace eggs or milk in recipes and provide a nice source of protein. It's also fantastic for pulling things out of the skin, calming redness and reducing swelling.

This morning I was walking to Whole Foods. It was a quiet Sunday morning with few people out walking the normally busy streets. Suddenly out of nowhere a bug flew into my left eye. I reflexively grabbed it and it stung me just below the inside corner of my eye. I don't know if it was a bee or a wasp. I do know it hurt and I got frightened. The last time I was stung I was probably about 3,4 or 5 years old and my hand grew to 5 times its normal size from the little sting. I was very worried I was about to have an allergic reaction and this was my face!!!

I grabbed some extra firm tofu at Whole Foods forgetting whatever else I had been thinking of purchasing and got back to where I am staying. I looked in the mirror and the damages were not all that bad. Redness and swelling that made me look tired but not too terrible. I cut off a small piece of the tofu and held it to the spot. I kept switching sides of the tofu that were touching my skin. The tofu starts out cool and then as it picks up heat from the body it absorbs it so I wanted a new cooler side every so often. After about 30 minutes the redness and swelling seem to be completely gone. Even a nearby blemish sees to have healed up too.

Give tofu a whirl on any swelling. It's easier than an ice pack and can draw out toxins as well!!

Cool Down With Cucumber Bites and Naturally Sweetened Sippers

It's early in the morning and already scorching outside. I didn't realize when I moved here to Manhattan from sunny Santa Monica that the summers in the city would be hotter than the L.A. valley. I actually have been so eager for a change though, I have not minded all that much. Thankfully I know how to eat to keep cool! I plan on using up the brown rice I have by roasting it in a dry fry pan and then using the golden brown kernels for tea. Roasted rice tea helps to keep your body temperature even. You can drink it hot or cold.

I've also been having a lot of fun making different lemonade drinks by putting ice, lemon juice and agave or maple syrup in a blender with other additions like lime and mint (nice and cooling), strawberries or other fruits. I usually only combine one or two fruits with the lemon and blend well. You can also freeze these drinks to make your own Popsicles.

Cucumbers are cooling and delightful in the warm weather. for a snack, appetizer or side dish you can peel and slice topping with herbed tofu spread or what I like to do is peel the cucumber, slice in half lengthwise and scoop out the seeds and then fill with the tofu spread like boats. Cut into bite size pieces. Enjoy!

Herbed Tofu Spread
Makes about 1 Cup.

7oz, firm organic tofu, drained
1/3 cup white miso paste
1/4 cup Tahini
2 T. olive oil
2 large cloves garlic
1 1/2 teaspoons both of dried basil and oregano
1/4 tsp. sea salt
1/3 cup water

Blend all ingredients in a blender until smooth.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

A quick little Coaching Corner - What Would You Like to Feel Today?

I just wrote to a friend of mine who is a terrific cook when she wants to be. She is a fantastic person all around and one of the best Mom's I've ever seen. Right now her teenage kids are a hand full and she has a ton of appointments that she fits into her busy day. I asked her what makes her show up on time and make all of these appointments?

I'm sure she will answer me with that she has to, or she doesn't see any other choice to get the results that she wants for her kids or her family. I am asking her to be that committed to herself for what she wants as well.

So often I hear the excuses for not eating well. You might tell yourself you don't have time, or cooking for one is no fun, or that you waste the things you buy so you are better off eating out, etc. etc. What are yours anyway? Send them to me please...

Excuses just get you more of what you don't really want, but its seems easier in the moment. Many excuses come out as "jokes" when you speak to your friends. I like to joke in my seminars about the pint of ice cream. You know the one where you pull it out of the freezer and are just going to have a couple of bites. You savor that first bite or two slowly and carefully and then something happens and low and behold you kind of wake up and realize that there are only a few bites left in the container. People laugh when I tell it. My inflections are good and they can relate to the experience. That has not happened to me in many many years because I don't relate to food as good/bad anymore. I listen when I'm making excuses in my mind to do things I know I won't like the results of and I talk myself into something I will be happier with. I put a scoop of Mint chip coconut bliss ice cream in bowl these days and savor every bite. I don't go back for more because I'm satisfied and onto other interesting and fun experiences.

What would you like to feel like today? Start listening to what you are saying to yourself, take actions that you can be happier with in the long and short run and watch what happens. Adjust when needed but let go of those old excuses. Be an example for your kids or for all of us!!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Apparently working on Twitter

Thanks for letting me know the twitter feed is working but this is supposed to send an email when there is a new post and I'm not sure what I am doing incorrectly....Anyone know??

Ahh the joys of so much incredible technology.

Food is so much simpler.......

Keep cool with chilled roasted barley tea. It really works!!!

This is a Test

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There is no help button at Google so I guess if I can't get it to work, I'm stuck right?

I did modify the code to get rid of the little ad but I wonder if that is what makes it work???

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Are You Free To Eat

I listened as I entered the Whole Foods Market as a woman on her cell phone told her friend "I think we deserve a cocktail for that..." I took a basket and rode the escalator down to the produce section where a young boy was picking out pre-cut fruit with his mother. She told him he could get the whipped cream. Another mother with a toddler was trying to decide between the collards and the kale. I encouraged her to get both and make some fun green rolls by steaming both greens, cutting out the hard stem in a collard, rolling it up like sushi with the kale and some avocado and ume paste, cutting bite sized pieces and sprinkling carrot shavings on top to make them really fun to eat. She loved the idea.

Food freedom is making the best choices for you at any given time. Choices made out of knowing what the consequences are and choosing those consequences. Thinking you deserve a treat because you did something you didn't want to do is not freedom, it still perpetuates being in a jail of good/bad food choices.

Food freedom is when you have clarity and vitality from your food and not suffer from it. Eating what you enjoy and feel good about and never have to worry about your clothing sizes again. Food freedom in not about finding ways to overindulge it finding freedom to live a great life and food is a part of that.

Having possibilities gives us an open road to travel but without actually choosing a destination you might wander. Choose how you want to feel and look and be and then food becomes a tool to support that. This is freedom!!!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Grateful for Whole Foods - That's Right the Super Market!

You might joke about Whole Foods prices or products or that there are real people who shop there thinking if they buy it there it's healthy. I have my issues at times with the chain, and in New York I wish they all could be as bountiful as the Columbus Circle one or have those yucca fries like the store in Tribecca, but so often Whole Foods comes through so well.

Just last week I found organic peaches that could rival the Santa Monica farmers market and sweet young Kolrabi that have made my salads in this hot weather so much fun with their crunchy white goodness. (really great with a honey mustard dressing...)

Today the much needed bottle of water to cross Central Park without being parched only cost me 69 cents rather than the $2 I would have paid at a cart outside. The real savings was the nice clean public restroom just when I needed it while running uptown, downtown, East and West looking for an apartment to rent. I've never been so grateful for a Whole Foods store. I'm seriously hesitant to live on the East side of Manhattan just because they don't have them there.

Whole Foods makes my life a little easier. I can trust there will be things for me and I'm pleasantly surprised when it's more than the average Quinoa or Kale and I can find some in-season produce or a new local agave sweetened baked good. Certainly there is room for improvement but today, I'll just say - Thank Goodness it's there!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Joy of the Single Cookie

One of the biggest complaints I get from people is that they don’t want to cook “just for them.” Some tell me they love to cook for someone else and don’t know how to shop or cook in a way that is economical for one person. I’ve had very intelligent folks who have worked out that they waste the produce or get bored of what they’ve made or their time is better spent on take out than over a stove.

If you really want to save a substantial amount of dollars in the long run, eating in is the way to go. For the same amount you will pay for one entree in a restaurant, you can have three or four gourmet full course meals at home. You could save thousands of dollars in a year, you just need to know what to do.

Start with basics. Having certain items like some whole grains, pasta and a package of tortilla’s in the freezer ready to go will ensure you have something to start working with. I also like to have some seasonings on hand aside from the standard sea salt to make things taste good. I stock a little ume vinegar, mustard, Agave or other natural sweetener, flour, tamari, miso paste and then of course of good quality sea salt. My current one I got from the bulk bins (along with many of the staples mentioned) at Whole Foods. These items will not go bad on you for a very long time and you don’t have to buy large amounts to begin with. I also keep parchment paper and a baking dish handy along with a couple of pots with lids and a fry pan. (stainless steel if you were wondering.)

When buying produce, don’t go crazy. Fruits will ripen all at once so plan on one or two fruits a day and you can always refrigerate a ripe fruit for couple of days so buy enough to last but not so much you let them spoil. For me that means just 3 or 4 fruits at a time. Maybe a couple of apples and one package of blueberries or 3 plums and two peaches, something like that. It’s better to shop more often and buy less. You won’t spend hours in the grocery store once you get the hang of picking up a couple of items and exiting quickly too.

Cooking for one is faster and easier than you think. I definitely could write a book on it and maybe will. One of the items I really don’t care much for in the grocery store are the healthy cookies. Most taste like cardboard if they have ingredients I can feel good about. They are overpriced for what you get even if they did taste okay. While I used to make a batch of cookies and just freeze the batter or the cookies for when I wanted one. I have now been camping in various places in my move to New York so I don’t have the desire to make a lot of anything and keep it around because I’m not around with one fridge that long. I love dessert and have come up with ways to make single servings for myself that are simple and easy and delicious. Here is a recipe for a single cookie so you never need to feel deprived…

2T. rice bran oil

1T Agave

tiny pinch of sea salt

1/3 C. flour approximately a little more if you choose.

any additions you like such as grain sweetened chocolate chips.

Mix the first three ingredients and then stir in the flour just until mixed, add the chips and place onto a small piece of parchment paper, smoothing into cookie shape you like, on a baking sheet or dish. You can bake in a toaster oven or a regular oven. 400 degrees F for about 12 minutes or until golden brown. Every oven works differently so watch it the first time.

You can mix the ingredients in any small cup and you will find that making one of these takes very little time but is so much fun to be able to have an enjoyable dessert for one that you can feel good about.