Sunday, June 13, 2010

What Did You Do With Your Diagnosis Today?

When you go to the doctor he checks your weight, blood pressure, heart, maybe looks in your nose and throat and listens to your complaints. He doesn't ask you how many cokes, diet or otherwise, you might have had that month. He never asks if you eat chips or breakfast cereal often. He never asks what sorts of tea you drink. Food plays such a small role that items get lumped into giant categories such as meat or vegetables and how often you partake in them.

When he hands you your diagnosis there is usually a prescription attached and rarely, will any doctor say be sure to have some eggplant to stop those bleeding hemorrhoids or be sure to have turmeric daily for your arthritis or forgetfulness. When you go in for knee pain he might suggest a surgeon rather ask you about your bloaty belly or the lower back pain you had only briefly mentioned you thought was from your heavy purse.

Doctors only have a particular view. A view from what they are trained to look at or look for, or do. A tall person sees the world from a different vantage point than a small child. We are looking at particular things to help from our angle.

I had a diagnosis and I exhausted the traditional western doctor route to health. I wasn't getting better, instead I was getting worse year after year, until I was almost dead. Since I didn't die and I had to learn how to live, I took my diagnosis and I found another way to clear it up. I changed what I was eating. I learned the power of putting new foods on my plate. Someone else might have gone to an acupuncturist weekly and cleared herself that way, another might have discovered homeopathy and on and on the list of possible routes to wellness go.

I find blending different areas to be the most effective. You might not need anything for a long time other than eating well and knowing how the foods effect you and then suddenly you need a chiropractors help for a bit. Maybe a daily yoga practice or a particular martial art is your effective elixir. Today most everyone has something. A labeled dis-ease in the physical body. Younger and younger the diabetes and cancers are striking our kids.

One thing that is consistent for all of us is the need for good food. Food supports what you are doing or it can contribute to that diagnosis keeping you from being well and whole if you just don't know or refuse to give up an every day ice cream habit for example in the face of cancer. You then are feeding your cancer and weakening yourself. Food effects our moods, our skin, our clarity, our energy, our looks... It's one powerful tool knowing how to use food to create results you are happy with.

Chew up that diagnosis and start knowing how to effectively eat!

Quick summer tip - Mosquitoes do not like basil - use it as a bug repellent. Rub basil oil on your skin, plant around your patio and enjoy eating it too!


shokuiku said...

Hi susan,
enjoy reading your blog. I have heard somewhere that you dont believe strictly followed macrobiotic lifestyle not so good for anyone in a long run. I have been on this diet (vegan macro. ) for about 5 years now.

Susan Marque said...

Hi Shokuiku, a strict macro diet (like I mentioned in my post) can be so restricted and meant to help a person clear up an ailment or condition and then they can widen the diet. I read that originally when George Osawa, who came up with the term macrobiotics for his system of eating, gave these strict recommendations, he never meant for someone to stay so strict for so long. Macrobiotics has gotten a bad name from people who actually hurt their health, eating too strictly for too long. It is best to really learn how foods work and create a diet that is dynamic and not static.