Saturday, June 26, 2010

Matcha Smile

It was a hot day in Manhattan today, so how to stay cool, calm and focused was on my mind. I had read that Matcha Box was temporarily setting up shop downtown and I went to investigate. I have not ever experienced Matcha green tea before. I have read of it's high anti-oxidants, rich in chlorophyll and mood enhancing wonders, but I questioned if it would leave an after taste or maybe be bitter without sweetener?

The guys from were upbeat, fun and informative, despite the heat, and making matcha for people all day long at 33 Crosby street. I eagerly took my first sip of rich green iced matcha and found it smooth and refreshing. Since it is the ground up leaves and not steeped and then iced like other ice teas, the effects are more pronounced. I am suspecting this is how we ought to be drinking tea, since I felt so centered and clear for the rest of the day. None of the unpleasant sensations I've had from other sorts of beverages like yerba mate or English Breakfast or even some herbal teas. This tea kept me cool and I absolutely loved the earthy flavor on its own. I also noticed how I felt satiated even though my lunch had been kind of small. Normally I would have wanted an afternoon snack or a big dinner but I wasn't that hungry after my matcha.

I definitely want to go back for more and get some of the powder to take home. I love finding new things to enjoy like this and hope you will join me!

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