Friday, June 4, 2010

...And you look good in a bathing suit - Here's to Living Large!

Macro from the Greek macros, means long or large. Macrobiotics gives you some guidelines for living a large long healthy, fun, exciting, full of energy, youthful type of life. The guidelines are principles that have been working for thousands of years. Chinese medicine was developed over time. The Vedas didn’t happen in a couple of hundred years either. It can be as simple as you like and as gourmet as you are wiling to explore, with your entire life, not just food.

When I was 18 years old, I went off to college to study chemistry. I was very interested in how things worked and how to make things better. In first year chemistry you learn how everything is energy. Science has since gone far past the basic model of particles, atoms, molecules to subatomic particles, wave theories and finding as they go beyond what they can see and judge by the trails left behind what they can’t see, it all goes back to energy. We are made up of energy, our food is energy and our thoughts are energy.

Unlocking the key to utilizing energy for you, is a huge key in your health, your wealth, your relationships, how to create a spectacular life and let go of struggle after struggle. I’m still learning all of the time. I focused on food first because food was my first step to curing myself. I had lived a life of constant struggles with my health and then almost died, had to quit school and find a way to get well.

Foods create resonance in the body and nourish or deplete our cells depending on what we intake. You might have a strong constitution and minimize the outward effects of certain fun foods, but they are still creating an energy and resonance in your body that will come out. It might come out as anger you try to control, it might manifest as constriction, stiffness or aches. You might find your skin dry and mind a bit foggy. Sugar, chocolate, bread, cow’s milk products are all examples of culprits that create some strong effects. They change your energy and they change how you are able to allow in the energy of the Universe. We drink in different energies all day long from our surroundings. We hold energies by what we think and what we eat. Don’t be fooled that it is only the white stuff that is “bad” – it just has a bigger effect than let’s say maple syrup in place of sugar. Cardboard tasting grain products are not necessarily going to give you anything much more then their counterparts as both are processed and no longer a whole grain even if advertisers try to convince you otherwise. They are fun, they give us texture, but they don’t have the life of a whole grain anymore.

Now of course a little of something once in a while probably won’t create any lasting effect. It is what you are doing daily that creates what you are living. You can’t live on a cleanse, (that is what the “standard macrobiotic diet” is by the way. Not meant for long term, just for cleaning up and healing.) just as you can’t live on cake 3 meals a day. Think how you would feel if you had Starbucks as your only fuel? What would nourish your cells? If you say Spirit like the yogis who don’t need food, how would Spirit even be able to get in? The energies get blocked. Each food has it’s own unique energy that can give us subtle gifts. Millet nourishes our stomach, spleen and pancreas and can be used for breakfast cereals, lasagna type dishes or even desserts. Cooling watermelon can refresh on a hot summer day as well as support the kidneys. Learning the subtle gifts can open up a powerhouse of energy for you!

I highly recommend experiments. It is fun to experiment with clean eating and see how your energy can rise and how clear and strong and incredible you can feel. You can be more effective with your work, be more creative, more loving and free. Then when you indulge in foods you may have eaten more of before, you really feel the effects that were there as your normal way of being all along. Experiment with the willingness to change your mind and see things from another view and see how that changes your energy too. Create the good stuff – Life Large – you might find that you love being a macrobiotic being too.

For support or speeding up the learning process – get some coaching!

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