Saturday, June 26, 2010

Matcha Smile

It was a hot day in Manhattan today, so how to stay cool, calm and focused was on my mind. I had read that Matcha Box was temporarily setting up shop downtown and I went to investigate. I have not ever experienced Matcha green tea before. I have read of it's high anti-oxidants, rich in chlorophyll and mood enhancing wonders, but I questioned if it would leave an after taste or maybe be bitter without sweetener?

The guys from were upbeat, fun and informative, despite the heat, and making matcha for people all day long at 33 Crosby street. I eagerly took my first sip of rich green iced matcha and found it smooth and refreshing. Since it is the ground up leaves and not steeped and then iced like other ice teas, the effects are more pronounced. I am suspecting this is how we ought to be drinking tea, since I felt so centered and clear for the rest of the day. None of the unpleasant sensations I've had from other sorts of beverages like yerba mate or English Breakfast or even some herbal teas. This tea kept me cool and I absolutely loved the earthy flavor on its own. I also noticed how I felt satiated even though my lunch had been kind of small. Normally I would have wanted an afternoon snack or a big dinner but I wasn't that hungry after my matcha.

I definitely want to go back for more and get some of the powder to take home. I love finding new things to enjoy like this and hope you will join me!

Monday, June 21, 2010 is awesome!

I love using the website. The same brands you will find in your health food shops for a lot less. They even have some food items like brown rice pasta, teas, sea veggies, juices, drinks, Eden food products and most any supplement. I also now get toothpaste, the tea tree toothpicks, floss, lotions and shampoo! The shipping is nominal and it comes to your door pretty quickly. In L.A. it was one day and here in NY its a few more. Not sure what it would be like in the middle of the country.

For the next few days you can get an additional 10%off your order by using the code tenoff! I just wanted you to know...Enjoy and be well!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

What Did You Do With Your Diagnosis Today?

When you go to the doctor he checks your weight, blood pressure, heart, maybe looks in your nose and throat and listens to your complaints. He doesn't ask you how many cokes, diet or otherwise, you might have had that month. He never asks if you eat chips or breakfast cereal often. He never asks what sorts of tea you drink. Food plays such a small role that items get lumped into giant categories such as meat or vegetables and how often you partake in them.

When he hands you your diagnosis there is usually a prescription attached and rarely, will any doctor say be sure to have some eggplant to stop those bleeding hemorrhoids or be sure to have turmeric daily for your arthritis or forgetfulness. When you go in for knee pain he might suggest a surgeon rather ask you about your bloaty belly or the lower back pain you had only briefly mentioned you thought was from your heavy purse.

Doctors only have a particular view. A view from what they are trained to look at or look for, or do. A tall person sees the world from a different vantage point than a small child. We are looking at particular things to help from our angle.

I had a diagnosis and I exhausted the traditional western doctor route to health. I wasn't getting better, instead I was getting worse year after year, until I was almost dead. Since I didn't die and I had to learn how to live, I took my diagnosis and I found another way to clear it up. I changed what I was eating. I learned the power of putting new foods on my plate. Someone else might have gone to an acupuncturist weekly and cleared herself that way, another might have discovered homeopathy and on and on the list of possible routes to wellness go.

I find blending different areas to be the most effective. You might not need anything for a long time other than eating well and knowing how the foods effect you and then suddenly you need a chiropractors help for a bit. Maybe a daily yoga practice or a particular martial art is your effective elixir. Today most everyone has something. A labeled dis-ease in the physical body. Younger and younger the diabetes and cancers are striking our kids.

One thing that is consistent for all of us is the need for good food. Food supports what you are doing or it can contribute to that diagnosis keeping you from being well and whole if you just don't know or refuse to give up an every day ice cream habit for example in the face of cancer. You then are feeding your cancer and weakening yourself. Food effects our moods, our skin, our clarity, our energy, our looks... It's one powerful tool knowing how to use food to create results you are happy with.

Chew up that diagnosis and start knowing how to effectively eat!

Quick summer tip - Mosquitoes do not like basil - use it as a bug repellent. Rub basil oil on your skin, plant around your patio and enjoy eating it too!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Guten Free - Slenderizing - Complete Meal Salad with Crunch

I love little twists in dishes that make them sparkle. This salad gets its fun crunchy zip from quick toasting Amaranth. A grain that is high in protein, calcium, magnesium, iron and more. You can mix up the ingredients for fun variations of all kinds. Use meat or fish in place of the beans or add a salad dressing instead of the seasonings. Toss in some herbs like mint. This salad can be a new staple all summer long!

Crunchy Complete Meal Salad

1 zucchini shredded
1 small daikon shredded
2 leaves kale, shredded
1 small fennel, shredded
jicama shredded (optional but very high in vitamin C and refreshing) or sliced
Lentils or your favorite bean (approx. 8oz.)
1/4 Cup Amaranth
1 lemon
Flax oil
Ume vinegar

Water fry the zucchini, daikon and kale with a sprinkle of Ume vinegar and place in a large bowl. (You can do this ahead of time or even toss in the freezer for a few minutes to cool while you get the other ingredients ready.) Add the fennel, jicama and any herbs if using. Squirt in a little flax oil and as much lemon as you like and mix. Add the beans. Dry roast the Amaranth in a frypan until the seeds have popped like popcorn with some turning golden brown and sprinkle on the salad. (Serves 2)

Friday, June 4, 2010

...And you look good in a bathing suit - Here's to Living Large!

Macro from the Greek macros, means long or large. Macrobiotics gives you some guidelines for living a large long healthy, fun, exciting, full of energy, youthful type of life. The guidelines are principles that have been working for thousands of years. Chinese medicine was developed over time. The Vedas didn’t happen in a couple of hundred years either. It can be as simple as you like and as gourmet as you are wiling to explore, with your entire life, not just food.

When I was 18 years old, I went off to college to study chemistry. I was very interested in how things worked and how to make things better. In first year chemistry you learn how everything is energy. Science has since gone far past the basic model of particles, atoms, molecules to subatomic particles, wave theories and finding as they go beyond what they can see and judge by the trails left behind what they can’t see, it all goes back to energy. We are made up of energy, our food is energy and our thoughts are energy.

Unlocking the key to utilizing energy for you, is a huge key in your health, your wealth, your relationships, how to create a spectacular life and let go of struggle after struggle. I’m still learning all of the time. I focused on food first because food was my first step to curing myself. I had lived a life of constant struggles with my health and then almost died, had to quit school and find a way to get well.

Foods create resonance in the body and nourish or deplete our cells depending on what we intake. You might have a strong constitution and minimize the outward effects of certain fun foods, but they are still creating an energy and resonance in your body that will come out. It might come out as anger you try to control, it might manifest as constriction, stiffness or aches. You might find your skin dry and mind a bit foggy. Sugar, chocolate, bread, cow’s milk products are all examples of culprits that create some strong effects. They change your energy and they change how you are able to allow in the energy of the Universe. We drink in different energies all day long from our surroundings. We hold energies by what we think and what we eat. Don’t be fooled that it is only the white stuff that is “bad” – it just has a bigger effect than let’s say maple syrup in place of sugar. Cardboard tasting grain products are not necessarily going to give you anything much more then their counterparts as both are processed and no longer a whole grain even if advertisers try to convince you otherwise. They are fun, they give us texture, but they don’t have the life of a whole grain anymore.

Now of course a little of something once in a while probably won’t create any lasting effect. It is what you are doing daily that creates what you are living. You can’t live on a cleanse, (that is what the “standard macrobiotic diet” is by the way. Not meant for long term, just for cleaning up and healing.) just as you can’t live on cake 3 meals a day. Think how you would feel if you had Starbucks as your only fuel? What would nourish your cells? If you say Spirit like the yogis who don’t need food, how would Spirit even be able to get in? The energies get blocked. Each food has it’s own unique energy that can give us subtle gifts. Millet nourishes our stomach, spleen and pancreas and can be used for breakfast cereals, lasagna type dishes or even desserts. Cooling watermelon can refresh on a hot summer day as well as support the kidneys. Learning the subtle gifts can open up a powerhouse of energy for you!

I highly recommend experiments. It is fun to experiment with clean eating and see how your energy can rise and how clear and strong and incredible you can feel. You can be more effective with your work, be more creative, more loving and free. Then when you indulge in foods you may have eaten more of before, you really feel the effects that were there as your normal way of being all along. Experiment with the willingness to change your mind and see things from another view and see how that changes your energy too. Create the good stuff – Life Large – you might find that you love being a macrobiotic being too.

For support or speeding up the learning process – get some coaching!