Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Win Win this Spring!

Need your votes to win!! Please go and click for me!

Some of you must know that currently I'm back in college. You also are aware I'm sure that it is super costly!!! So Please help me win a little cash for college and click for me okay...

Need your votes to win!! Please go and click for me!

Why am I playing? Well you can't win if you don't play. I realize that some of these things are long shots and some of them have a better chance. With your weight, your health, the quality of your life, you can start creating habits that put you into a winning game. Healthy habits create health and not so healthy ones can destroy it over time.

Spring starts off a frenzy of cleanses. It's good marketing to get you to sign up for a regime where you can clean out a little. Most cleanses do not go very deep, they are a superficial cleaning. They also only last a few days up to a month. You certainly wouldn't want to live on a cleanse. In certain cases they can be effective if then, you start eating and creating a lifestyle that will create vibrancy.

For every reaction there is and equal and opposite reaction. That is a fact of the mathematical nature of nature. Cleanses often set people up to binge.... All that restriction feels like deprivation. Whenever I have done a cleanse I have had a day or two after of binging a bit. The more cleaned out my system, the less that seems to occur. Or maybe it could be I was in a different place psychologically. It's hard to know for sure. What I do know is, if you choose to cleanse, let it be a set up for a longer game of eating wonderful whole foods, letting go of processed goods for the most part, and really offering yourself a higher level of living. Forget the back and forth stuff. Like a smoker who smokes on again, then quits for a bit and then goes back to smoking maybe less until it creeps up to full on smoking and then they quit again.... You get the picture. They have not won - they are playing a game where there is no winning until they finally make a big shift, towards a more fun game, of living free.

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