Monday, May 31, 2010

What's Fueling You?

Often I notice how someone might be more concerned with the type of gas that goes into their car or the meticulous detailed care they give their home or clothes or what happens to be important to them, then turn around and feed themselves less than stellar fuel to support themselves! Or they just let things slide and think they are eating healthy if they have a salad or a smoothie.

It's like a continuous April Fool's joke many are caught in day after day where they do not get the results they really want from their food and yet they keep doing the same things over and over. Each food has an energy that you are taking in and utilizing. Whoever controls the kitchen, controls your emotions, energy levels, moods and quality of thoughts, even how you interact on a Spiritual level. It's subtle and powerful stuff.

Meat for example has an incredible strong masculine type of energy. It builds aggressive behavior and too much, creates an acidic condition that can lead to trouble. In the right amounts for your particular body, it can create strength and vitality. I see many women though, eating too much meat for their size, and end up polorizing the men in their lives on an energetic and emotional level.

What about coffee and other stimulants that give you a false sense of energy? They mask and weaken your well working organs so you end up addicted and truly tired and puffier than you need to be. Stimulants often have a more feminine energy as well so used consistently the sugar, coffee, pills and things are eaten together with strong masculine type of foods and the result is huge emotional shifts that you might be trying hard to keep under control with outbursts that can get triggered with something small.

Little kids have little bodies so it is easier to see the shifts in them. Feed them balanced whole grains, (remember even if the label on a grain product like bread says it's whole grain, if it won't grow, it's not...I've never seen a bread tree yet.)beans, veggies, some fruits, seeds, etc. and you will see a happy lively kid. Too much bread, meat, cheese or salt, and you might have crying and fighting on your hands all of the time. Too many sweets and you'll also get some big emotional outbursts, crankiness, whining or the "I'm bored" syndrome.

Don't be fooled with advertising, extreme diets or even the latest trendy research pushing a specific berry or drink. There is nothing like learning to give yourself the best fuel for the results you want!!!

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